May 4, 2009

The Godfather, The Undertaker & The Assemblywoman

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Thanks to the efforts of Mike Hudson (of Niagara Falls Reporter fame), Stefano “The Undertaker” Magaddino’s thuggish behavior will never be forgotten. In fact, you can still get Hudson’s book on Amazon; it’s worth the price of admission. But based on some recent developments, I am hoping Hudson has a sequel in mind, involving a woman who would have given The Undertaker a run for his money.

Several sources have told us that Niagara County Legislature Chairman Bill Ross got more than he bargained for during a recent reception for dozens of foreign trade reps from Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and elsewhere. The tour was organized using—irony of ironies—Niagara County’s share of casino revenue (along with money kicked in by Erie and Chautauqua counties).

Anyway, we hear Ross was enjoying the first night’s reception at the Hyatt in Buffalo, when who comes up to him but Francine “The Assemblywoman” DelMonte. Now, Ross had to be looking for the nearest exit, as readers of this blog know what happened the last time he and DelMonte crossed paths in a public place.

Fortunately for Ross, this time The Assemblywoman spared him a humiliating public dressing down. Instead, she came up to him, made some comment about “I want you all to see this,” and proceeded to plant a big kiss on Ross. Maybe she thought it was a warm gesture, but those of us who grew up watching films like The Godfather, Goodfellas, and Casino, and who still miss The Sopranos, we know what a kiss like that usually means.

Given The Assemblywoman’s actions immediately afterwards, I’m ruling out “warm gesture.” Ross would do well to not go on any fishing trips anytime soon.

Just days later, a letter from Francine “The Assemblywoman” DelMonte began running in local newspapers. In it, The Assemblywoman tells us that it wasn’t personal, it was just business, her taking that money from the county’s taxpayers. You see, the County Family didn’t have what she considered a good enough “signature project,” and didn’t have the kind of strong policies in place for spending money that the Niagara Falls Family has. Naturally, all the signature projects she proposes are things in Niagara Falls, like NCCC’s failed culinary institute.

So, The Assemblywoman and Antoine Thompson decided to make the County Family an offer we couldn’t refuse, and took money from all of our families to give to her cronies in the Falls.

More laughable, though, was the notion that The Assemblywoman forth in her letter, that Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, one of the recipients of casino cash, “serves the county.” Uh…yeah. That’s why Lockport, Newfane, Lewiston, and North Tonawanda all have hospitals of their own, Francine. I guess they can expect their checks soon?

Still, the best line, though, in The Assemblywoman’s letter has to be this: “I have also received thanks from many Niagara Falls residents who support the action taken by Sen. Thompson and me in the recent budget.”

No doubt, she told them all that someday, The Assemblywoman might call upon them to do her a favor.


Jerry Moss said...

Probably not that smart of Francine to alienate the people from Lewiston.
Wouldn't the "county" be better served to have some of the casino funds assigned to Artpark? It is the only venue we have like that in the area.

I thought the funds were to be used to "promote" the community? How does throwing good money after bad to Memorial Medical Center accomplish that?

I'm just happy that she hasn't directed funds to remove the Parkway!

Is this is the best we got? I just hope someone half way decent challenges her the next time.

Leave Francine - take the cannoli...

rob clark said...

NF Memorial does service the entire county. It is the only mental health care facility in the county!