May 29, 2009

Friday Ruminations

Sounds like the Niagara County GOP committee meeting had some interesting moments last night. Seems Wheatfield Supervisor Tim Demler is being accused of an inappropriate relationship with another committeeman's wife, and was thus denied the party's endorsement. I'm not sure what the two have to do with each other, but it sure looks like its got the making of some good drama. I can see the reality TV show cameras rolling into Wheatfield any day now. I wonder if this will impede the progress of the Oz project (sorry, I had coffee come out my nose after writing that from laughing so hard).

I'm not sure what the LaSalle Business Association is or how they grade their award recipients, but someone there seriously needs to stay off of the pipe. The group awarded Antoine Thompson their Business Person of the Year. Really? Is this the same Thompson that supported a massively bloated budget that raised taxes and fees on businesses? Or the same Antoine that supported stealing $550 million from our community with the NYPA sweep? Or the same Thompson that has proposed IDA reform legislation that would cripple employers in this community? Why do I get the feeling that the LBA is in line for a nice little member item.

The potential sale of a home in North Tonawanda where a vicious attack occurred last year is causing much emotion to rise to the surface. The city wants to sell the property to recoup some of the expenses incurred from maintaining the property, while the mother of the victim wants the house torn down. The city believes that the $15,000 demolition expenses are too much. We say you can't put a price on the devastation this girl experienced. Find a way to get the money to tear it down.

We're often critical of our state leaders, and usually rightly so. But when we read that the state is removing many companies from a state-approved Empire Zone tax credits program for failing to meet the requirements of job creation, we thought that was a strong, positive message to send. Then after further thought, we realized that the state is trying to enforce the rules during the most difficult economic times in generations, which is completely ludicrous. Maybe the state should consider the fact that so many employers are struggling because of the massive burdens placed on them by this same government.

Get ready for a host of new taxes passed as part of the state budget this spring and last month as part of a plan to bail out the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Never heard of the MTA? It's New York City's transportation system, and you are bailing it out with your hard earned tax dollars.

The Buffalo News has an excellent editorial on our state leaders' extremely successful efforts to drive New Yorkers out of the state. Great job, Antoine.

David Paterson is proposing a bill to reform Albany's ethic commissions. Talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house. I mean, really....the home of scumbags like Hiram Montserrate and Kevin Parker is going to enact ethical standards? Hell, that's the best joke I've heard all year!


Barney said...

Speaking of the Niagara County GOP session.

It should be known that from what I’m hearing Wheatfield Chair James Heuer acted alone by pulling Tim Demler’s name from nomination.

This happen, without any explanation from him beforehand to the full committee or executive committee.

No one had any idea what had happen until after the full committee vote had occurred.

If you ask me this is an excellent example of Republicans “eating their own”. My point is that this stuff could have been handled behind the scenes – there was no need for all this public display.

Tim Demler, guilty or innocent was convicted by Jim Heuer and the GOP leadership looks foolish.

Also, many committee people are upset because Jim Heuer did not formally read his slate into record during the either meeting – it gives the impression to people that he was hiding his actions.

I will be surprised if this post last more than 5 minutes.

John Restaino said...

"repulsive attacks on Legislator Andrea McNulty"--Is what the Dems did to McNulty....right?? Well, then what the hell is the GOP doing to Demler?? I love me some hypocrites.

Dark Knight said...

Hey Restaino,

I wonder if the GOP had dirtbag operatives along the lines of Democrat Jimmy "Peeping Tom" Sacco staring in Demler's windows trying to catch him in his bathrobe?

John Restaino said...

Probably, would you be surprised??

Dark Knight said...

Nothing surprises me anymore. Rivera claims the legal high ground on stuff when he got shit canned for illegally using his position at Liberty Mutual to rummage through people's personal records like he's G. Gordon Liddy and that all blows over. Jim Joyce hangs out in illegal massage parlors with Asian prostitues as if he's a 22 year old GI in Hanoi and goes away quietly, handing his wife his elected position. Jimmy Sacco whores out his kid so he can get a cheap thrill of seeing Andrea McNulty in her bathrobe...something I'm sure he chokes the weasel to quite regularly.

No, nothing surprises me anymroe.

John Restaino said...

So it is safe to say here in Niagara County...Republicans and Democrats are not above the gutter??? Right D.Knight???

Barney said...

The NY Post's Fredric Dicker is reporting the following:

Meanwhile, 2006 Republican gubernatorial candidate John Faso, who nearly beat Alan Hevesi for comptroller in 2002, is emerging as a likely choice to head the state GOP.

"He's thrown his hat into the ring over the past 48 hours and seems to be the favorite" to replace much-criticized Chairman Joseph Mondello, a prominent GOPer told The Post.

bubba said...

It looks like Heuer threw Henry under the bus. Losing control of his own committee and having his 1st vice go rouge certainly didn't help his bid for state chairman. I think Heuer needs to be kicked out of the party and all those who conspired with him need to be ousted too. If I didn't know better I would say Rivera had an hand in this. I don't think Heuer is smart enough to pull this off by himself and it has Rivera written all over it.

Barney said...

Rivera had a hand in this that’s too funny.

Do you really think he is capable of dictating the direction of the Wheatfield GOP committee?

He no Roger Stone!

Rule number #13 – when your enemy is “eating their own” don’t participate.