May 12, 2009

DelMonte Gets Left In The Dust...Again

The recent actions of Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte have made her a figure for whom Niagara Times has very little sympathy anymore. But even if that weren’t the case, we still would have gotten a chuckle out of an article in Monday’s Buffalo News.

The News broke a story—er, reported on news released by U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, that Yahoo! (as in the search engine company) was considering siting a data center in either Genesee or Orleans County.

Great news, and something we hope happens.

But, like a precocious, know-it-all child who has long since worn out her teachers’ willingness to call on her, Francine DelMonte rushed to put out her own press release announcing that Yahoo! was also considering siting their facility in Cambria. (You can almost picture Francine, having been left in the dust by Schumer, with her hand stretched skyward, waving it to get the teacher’s, or the press’s, attention…)

So, why do we chuckle? After all, being of Niagara County ourselves, we’d actually like Francine to be right on this one. But does anyone believe for a second that Chuck Schumer would rush to announce that Yahoo! was looking to build its data center, and create jobs, in the middle of a Republican-dominated county like Orleans or Genesee, and totally ignore Niagara County, where Democrats at least have more than a token a presence? Heck, come to think of it, Kyle Andrews, who represents Cambria, is himself a Democrat. As is DelMonte, who represents a district that includes Cambria.

It would, of course, defy logic for Schumer to do that.

Which means Francine is, in essence, telling a political whopper, and trying to look important after her own party’s senior U.S. senator just left her high and dry.

Francine DelMonte talks a big game, but between this, and her inability to get Niagara County’s stimulus funding priorities in front of U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand before Legislature Chairman Bill Ross did so, makes us wonder if Francine has any political juice in her own party at all.


Paladin said...

Francine DelMonte: The Arnold Horshak of New York State government.

Barney said...

My Mom voted for her and I don't blame her considering what the GOP has endorsed over the last 3 tries.

There is no doubt that the Republicans do well on a district by district basis – but when you factor in the Palmer campaign you wonder if the GOP can carry a county wide contest anymore. Let alone challenge Queen Francine in the Falls.

The challenger will need to be a friendly democrat from the Falls – the way this site fawns over Kimble and refuses find fault with Murgia. I’d say the we have our short list for 2010.