May 20, 2009

County To Sue NYPA

Kudos to the Niagara County Legislature for moving forward with plans to sue the state over the move of New York Power Authority surpluses into the general state budget. The county will make an effort to overturn the State Legislature action that “swept” some $544 million out of the NYPA’s coffers.

NYPA states that they are only allowed to charge what they are paying for power. If that's the case, how on earth did they compile a surplus of at least $500 million? We know they took half a billion out of our community, but does anyone really know how much they make? If nothing else, this lawsuit is going to shine a big, bright light on NYPA, and hopefully, disclose the shroud of secrecy under which the organization operates.

Unfortunately, not all county legislators see a benefit of promoting open government. Falls legislators Jason Cafarella and Dennis Virtuoso voted against supporting the litigation. Cafarella, in one of the most twisted justifications ever uttered at the courthouse, stated, "We’re going to spend taxpayers’ money to raise taxes for the rest of the state." You putz, you weren't elected to represent the rest of the state; you were elected to represent the people of Niagara Falls and Niagara County, and those people are hurting. You care so much about the rest of the state....well la-de-freakin-da. What a hero you are.

Why don't you stop being Francine DelMonte's poop boy and start doing the job you're being paid to do? We all know that you cast your vote against this resolution because DelMonte gave you your marching orders. How do you feel every morning when you look in the mirror knowing you've sold your soul?

As for the lawsuit, the county will seek a permanent injunction barring the authority from making any so-called “sweeps” or voluntary payments to the state in the future. I'm not even saying it needs to be that extreme. They can still do the sweeps, just allocate a percentage off of the top to be allocated to Niagara County. Even if 10% of their profits was returned to the county for economic development efforts, we'd have significant resources to entice businesses to relocate here and current businesses to stay here. What's the downside?


John Restaino said...

Nothin' better then suing yourself!!

lido said...

Who built it???? How moronically irrelevant. Obviously DelMonte has got her pissant staff coming on here to divert attention away from the fact that she's an ineffective legislator when it comes to representing our community.

Anyone opposing this county getting our fair share of NYPA dollars obviously has their own agenda, and it's not looking out for Niagara.

Paladin said...

Amen, lido. Joe is woefully ignorant of the fact that the NYPA eyesore is a scar on our landscape, that uses our resources to make a profit. And we have no say in its operation, even though it's on our soil.

We sure as hell deserve a share of the revenues generated by our county's own resources. But even if we don't, we shouldn't have our rates raised illegally and then see that money funneled to the dysfunctional bureaucracy in Albany.

Barney said...

Jason Cafarella - How is he coming along with his Niagara Bills project?