April 17, 2009

WNY Screwed Again By NYPA

As I began today's post, my first line was to be, "For the life of me I cannot understand what makes the Power Authority tick". As I was typing it out, I stopped as I came to the realization that I know exactly what makes the Power Authority tick. They don't care one iota about Western New York, other than the fact that the region is the Authority's, and subsequently the state's, cash cow.

The latest screwing of Western New York comes courtesy of NYPA's decision not to make 35 mw of low cost power available to Steel Development for a plant in Orleans County. This is on top of the unwillingness of the Power Authority to meet the power needs of both Wacker Chemie and Google, both of whom were looking to locate here in Western New York.

Between these three projects, thousands of temporary construction and permanent jobs would have been created. But because the Power Authority and it's spineless leader Richie Kessel refuse to assist our region, we get the short end of the stick again.

And where the hell are the unions? The same unions that support pieces of garbage like Francine DelMonte and Antoine Thompson as they allow thousands of construction jobs to slip through away from this community, are stunningly silent on this issue. How the hell can any union claiming to work for the betterment of its membership be sitting on their hands on this one? This is thousands of construction jobs that are not coming to our region because a state agency is raping our community and two of our state representatives are not only allowing it to happen, they're supporting it. What the hell is wrong with the unions in this community? Step up and do your damn jobs, even if it means taking a position that may be at odds with your sacred cows.

Federal elected representatives like Charles Schumer and Brian Higgins are calling out NYPA, but not a damn word out of DelMonte, Thompson or the unions. Goddamn cowards, all of you.


Larry Castellani said...

I’m ending my boycott of Hobbes because this is just too important. This is a great post and yet so far no replies. Has everyone just resigned themselves in WNY to getting “screwed?” What more has to happen to us to realize that we are virtually, or maybe actually, a “colony” of Albany? This is more than the “short end of the stick.” This is no ‘stick’ at all. But then no matter what language of outrage Hobbes would use would not be enough to express the anger we should feel for this seemingly calculated assault on our economy and integrity. Anger and outrage are not enough. Shouldn't we give up all trust of and hope for our representatives,although Maziarz has done a few things lately that indicate there may still be some life left in him for a real fight. Does it surprise anybody in this county that a fairly large number of states are talking sovereignty? What surprises me is that we are not talking the same talk in terms of becoming an independent state. Or possibly a tax rebellion. Or something that not only declares “war” on this state and state of affairs but begins to conceive of and assert our independence in positive vs reactive terms and ideas. After all what is the value of a representational system whose members can no longer or will no longer serve the people they supposedly were elected to serve. It’s not a matter of not having courage to do the right thing. Apparently they are doing the right thing for the sake of values, interests and purposes that are not our own and are killing WNY. If this history of abuse continues as it has, something of a radical nature must be on our political agenda other than moral rants and righteous rage. What's the old saying about insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

Barney said...

Welcome back Larry