April 22, 2009

Where's Larry?

North Tonawanda Mayor Larry Soos has seemingly been absent without leave the past few weeks, even as a predator from the wild stalked NT’s citizens.

A rash of coyote attacks in the Lumber City was apparently left to county officials to deal with. The only voice speaking on the matter was Jim Devald, the county health department’s environmental health director, whose job title means, basically, that he gets to deal with rabid animals and radioactive waste. From North Tonawanda City Hall, no word from Soos, but instead his “administrative assistant,” giving a vague notice that the city would set up a presentation by a state official and try to “get permission” to trap the coyote.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect Larry Soos to go out and wrestle the coyotes to the ground himself. But a few words to calm the public after their city became ground zero for coyote attacks might have been nice. Might have even been Giuliani-esque.

Come to think of it, Rudy Giuliani probably would have tried to rescue a coyote to the ground. But Soos’s bizarre absence continued last week with the unveiling of a new apartment and office building in the former Remington Rand factory along the canal. Tuning in to coverage of the event, which sources tell me was heavily-attended by county legislators and local politicians, I only heard the voices of Legislature Chairman Bill Ross and Lockport Legislator Rick Updegrove. News articles on the unveiling included throw away quotes from Soos:

In the Buffalo News,”Mayor Lawrence V. Soos called Kissling’s project ‘a piece of the puzzle’ to improving the downtown area around Main and Webster streets.”

In the Tonawanda News, “Mayor Larry Soos commended the ‘guts and fortitude’ Kissling showed in pushing the project through a national economic crisis.”Larry Soos faces what is, by all accounts, an uphill battle to get reelected this fall.

I’m not so sure that going AWOL now is the best campaign strategy.


Dark Knight said...

Hobbes, I disagree. The more Larry Soos keeps his pie hole shut and his face from the limelight, the better his chance for reelection.

Every time he speaks he loses votes.

Popcorn Joe said...

Maybe Schnitzel and no "Discovery" Mis, or " those 2 Clowns that work for the smarter stooge brother Curly " as they are commonly refered to could devise a bait and shoot program. They could put Soos out in the middle of an open field, coat him in deer scent, when the Coyote approaches he could fart like he did on LCTV, and if that does'nt knock em out, Soos could open his mouth and try to explain to the coyote that over the last 4 years he has been very effective in taking credit for major projects that were started before he became the accidental Mayor, like the Remington Rand project, after that the Coyote would be throughly dazed and confused like the rest of the taxpayers in North Tonawanda.

Oh I almost forgot, thanks for the 5 plus pestering phone calls over Easter Weekend, a very holy weekend to most, telling us to go out and "party". The message sounded like you were in a 55 gallon drum and drunk on your keister, you truly are like a day with no school " No Class "