April 2, 2009

Stick To Football, Kelly

Jim Kelly is the epitome of why athletes should stay our of politics. Kelly cut a commercial in support of Bill Stachowski for State Senate while Stachowski was embroiled in the political fight of his life against upstart challenger Dennis Delano last fall. Stachowski ultimately squeaked out a win.

There is no doubt that the Kelly ad carried some weight with a public that is more concerned with their adoration of a bankruptcy-filing, local business-stiffing choker.

In the commercial, Kelly twice mentions Stachowski's leadership. He's no leader, Jimbo. If he were a leader, he'd stand up to Malcolm Smith and tell him to go screw himself. He'd do what he knows down to the core of his soul is the right thing and vote against this budget that will devastate our community with massive increases in taxes and fees.

A leader bucks the system when the system is flawed. A leader stands up and shouts when the Chairmanship of the Finance Committee that he was promised is given to someone else. Not Stachowski, he sat there like a coward taking it. That's not a leader.

If you think you can skate by without wearing some of the responsibility that your endorsement carried with the voters, you're wrong, Jim.

So the next time you see Jim Kelly, thank him for the increase in your utlity bills. Thank him for the tax on your health insurance. Thank him for your increased DMV fees and the increased tax on that bottle of water. Better yet, ask him what he's going to do to make up for the elimination of your STAR rebate that he supports by supporting Bill Stachowski. In fact, don't wait until you see him, call him directly at 204-1212 and ask him why he supports putting small businesses out of business. Better yet, ask him to cut a check to you to make up for your lost STAR rebate that he supports; he can afford it.

The text from the commercial and the commercial itself follow below.

“Hi, I’m Jim Kelly, and tough times, whether it’s football or in our community, turning things around requires teamwork and leadership. That’s why even though I’m a Republican, I’m supporting Senator Bill Stachowski. I’ve seen Senator Stachowski’s leadership firsthand, working to expand screening for babies born with genetic diseases. In Albany he’s leading the effort to cap property taxes and make Buffalo competitive again. That’s why I’m proud to be on Bill’s team.”

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