April 23, 2009

Newfane Superintendent's Dumb Comments

It's become all too common and all too unfortunate to pick up the paper or turn on the t.v. news to learn of another story about sexual misconduct between a teacher and a student. Quite frankly, it seems to be bordering on an epidemic.

On the day that a female South Buffalo Charter School teacher was sent behind bars for four years for sleeping with a 14-year old student, a Newfane Special Ed teacher was arrested on misconduct charges with one of his students.

And what was Newfane School Superintendent Gary J. Pogorzelski's comments on this tragedy? "We are standing tall because we did initiate this investigation."

Well, whoopdeedoo.....congratulations. I'm sure that makes everyone feel better. You're standing tall today because your school district that less than a decade ago was considered one of the better small school districts in WNY has become known more for it's place in the police blotter rather than the school rankings?

Mr. Pogorzelski, you are a joke. You have no leadership skills and your school district is in shambles. Let's recap:

1) Most recent incident as outlined above
2) The debacle over whether a music teacher did or did not hit a student with a mallet. You bungled that and managed to piss everyone off.
3) The middle school principal who was "playing games" with other fellas in the bathrooms at Ellicott Creek Park.
4) The middle school teacher who was pushed out for an inappropriate (though I don't think it reached sexual) relationship with a 13-year old.
5) The student band debacle on the roof of the high school that was handled terribly.

Rather than standing tall, perhaps you should working a little harder and a little smarter to change what is clearly a poisoned culture in your system. Until you accomplish that...and you haven't shown you have the skill set to do that...you have no reason to be standing tall.

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