April 6, 2009

Maziarz Leads, Thompson & Stack Fail Us

The following is a compelling speech that New York State Senator George Maziarz gave in the Senate chambers last week during the discussion related to the now passed state budget that hikes energy costs for consumers. Maziarz presents the staggering reality that companies such as General Motors and Delphi will be making difficult decisions related to the future of their facilities soon.

Considering the challenges that employers in this state already face, it's unconscionable that Senators Antoine Thompson and Bill Stachowski would support this astounding increase in utility expenses that may lead GM and Delphi to shutter their local facilities.

Kudos to Maziarz for his advocacy on this issue and shame on Thompson and Stachowski for their cowardly actions in not standing up to their party leaders - or for their constituents.


lido said...

This is truly one of the few opportunities in a legislature the size of New York's where we can actually point the finger at individual legislators who failed their constituents. Stachowski and Thompson both could've stopped this thing from happening and chose not to. They are personally responsible for every additional dollar that comes out of all of our pockets.

What does it mean to them? Well, here's Antoine's post to facebook on Saturday after he cast what was ultimately a deciding vote on this budget debacle: "Antoine Thompson happy it's the weekend. can't wait to go running in the morning. Glad to be back home in WNY."

Good job, Antoine! You earned a relaxing weekend and nice run. Oblivious.

If I cast that vote, I wouldn't want to see another Western New Yorker for a couple weeks at least. I'd be hiding.

Barney said...

Let me get out in frount of this!

George Maziarz for Governor - a leader for the people!

John Restaino said...

This is a joke. Right???