April 9, 2009

Donohue Crosses The Line

Sure, we take some liberties with David Paterson. It's not that we don't like the governor, we simply believe that he is so far in over his head that no matter what he does he's going to screw it up.

Yesterday we touched on Paterson's intention to lay off about 8,700 state employees as part of his efforts to balance the state's finances. Paterson has been asking the unions to reopen their contracts and waive a salary increase for this fiscal year, which began April 1. Of course they have refused.

The unions say that Paterson has refused to accept any of their suggested alternatives to layoffs. At this point, the dialogue follows the usual rhetoric you're going to hear from labor and management.

When it becomes problematic is when Civil Service Employees Association president Danny Donohue opens his pie hole. Donohue responded to the prospect of layoffs with this gem: "We think he [Paterson] needs a good psychiatrist, or he at least needs to share what drugs he’s on, because he’s not making any sense to our members."

As if that was not enough, Donohue followed up with, "If this governor doesn’t need mental health services, I don’t know who does."

What a douchebag.

Good people in this state have mental health issues and good people in this state have drug problems. To trivialize their battles by so recklessly using them as a way to attack Paterson is unconscionable.

Unfortunately that's the public sector union way. Forget about coming to the table to have a productive dialogue, let's fight the fight in the press. Even better, let's not talk about the issue itself, let's just throw out some "mental health and drug use" analogies to make our point.

How 'bout this suggestion, Danny? You go home, put a pistol in your mouth and pull the trigger. I mean, what's to differentiate what you've suggested with those who battle with depression and suicide every day?

As a man with a handicap, Paterson has lived with labels his entire life. Unfortunately, punks like Danny Donahue only know how to use labels to make a point.

Paterson is far from the top of our favorite elected official in the state right now, but he needs to hold his ground on this one on principle alone.


Mr. Pink said...

Well, on the bright side, if Paterson is indeed using drugs he won't go to the pokey since the repealed the Rockefeller Drug Laws...hmmm, I wonder if that would be a conflict of interest.

Dark Knight said...

Little short on the creative writing skills today Hobbes? Lots of petty namecalling and playgroundish taunts.

I think you can find better ways to make your points.

Paladin said...

Dark Knight--what name calling? Looked like factual statements to us.

Still, Hobbes needs to be careful. Might be time to employ a food-taster and someone to start his car.

Keep an eye on your brake lines, buddy.

Pirate's Code said...

Danny Donohue didn't get elected to head the union because of his sensitivity and diversity awareness. He gets paid to be an angry pit bull, so that's what he does. And, given the relative lack of "shared pain" the state's unions have endured over the years in spite of difficult economic times, one could argue that he's pretty good at it.

He's a douchebag. So what?

One can only hope that Paterson responds in kind -- perhaps in a slightly more professional tone, but just as tough. Donohue and others like him are experts at calling someone's bluff. I'd love to see what happens if and when a governor finally calls his bluff.

If being a douchebag makes you successful in NY, then the taxpayers could use a few on our side.

Barney said...

weak - cry me a river.

Dark Knight said...

Calling him a douche bag and punk, plus I think Hobbes tweaked some of the other language from the original post certainly qualifies as name calling, don't you think Paladin?

I don't disagree that unions have fed at the trough way too long and need to share some of the pain. That central point is undeniable.

So, moving off of semantics, I will be interested to see if Paterson sticks to his guns here....I don't believe he will.

Prediction: we'll get some watered down version of concessions from the unions that don't mean anything and this "crisis" will be averted.

Paladin said...

You've never seen Danny Donohue in action, I take it, DK...