April 3, 2009

DelMonte Targeted

We haven't obtained it, but word is that Tom Golisano's Responsible New York dropped the same piece into Francine DelMonte's district. Obviously he is keeping a watchful eye on her, and rightly so. Her actions related to the shroud of secrecy at the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission, her ridiculous legislation to screw Niagara County out of their 1/50th share of the casino revenue, her flip flop on Rockefeller Drug Laws and now her support of raiding NYPA are reason for all of us to keep a watchful eye on her.


George Lodick said...
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Dark Knight said...

This mailer takes the idea of the perpetual campaign to the next level. While I guess I under the idea of holding elected officials accountable in real time for the votes they take, I wonder if you can sustain voter frustration all the way to election day 2010.

George Lodick said...

When I first saw her face in my mail, I thought that she's been taking some heat so here comes yet another of DACC's keep our puppet at all costs mailings. It's not like they are afraid to spend millions to keep her voting their way. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see Responsible NY send out a mailer that it took her to task for yet another shafting she's tolerated at her constituents’ expense.

As anyone who has run or campaigned against Francine knows, Albany's "leadership" pays dearly for her seat. It seems as though DACC spends $25 for every $1 raises Francine raises.