April 7, 2009

DelMonte Hits The Trifecta

There are few in Niagara County that would confuse Niagara Times, the Niagara Falls Reporter and the Niagara Gazette. Since each appeals to a different segment of the population, as well as the fact that all three have their own political ideology, it's quite rare that all three would be on exactly the same page on an issue. I'm going to go as far as saying that since this blog has existed, that has never happened. Until now.

What has brought all three together as one? The idiocy of Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte.

We've repeatedly taken DelMonte to task for her actions, or inactions, on issues such as supporting the raid of the New York Power Authority of $500 million of our money, refusing to take a stand on the secrecy surrounding the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission and her flip flop on the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

But it is her most recent insanity that has piqued the interest of not only Niagara Times, but of the Gazette and the Reporter.

DelMonte, who introduced language into the now passed state budget to steal the sliver of casino revenue that is shared among all of the municipalities of Niagara County to divert it to Niagara Falls, is catching heat from all sides.

The Reporter stated, "While Gov. David Paterson waxes eloquent about how we will all have to learn to make do with less, he, Del Monte and (Antoine) Thompson, along with (Shelly) Silver, (Malcolm) Smith and the rest of the majority in the state Legislature, plunder the wealth generated right here for the benefit of the beautiful people living downstate."

Mike Hudson goes on to say, "She believes that the people here are so stupid that her impassioned fight against the county, over a few hundred grand in chump change, will somehow make us forget about the $200 million in lost casino revenue, the $500 million looted from the coffers of the Power Authority, and the $10 billion in new taxes and fees we're about to be hit with by a governor she adamantly supports".

A Governor, by the way, with the lowest approval rating in decades. But there's DelMonte standing right there with him as he decimates Niagara County. The entire Reporter piece can be found here.

Not to be outdone, the Niagara Gazette has also come to the realization of just how twisted the mind of DelMonte is. In their editorial criticizing DelMonte on the casino cash issue, the Gazette stated, "No doubt, those pointed questions about who she really serves did smart, but DelMonte rebounded quickly and moved to teach her critics a lesson....Too bad DelMonte’s zinging her own constituents while she’s at it." Political retribution at its worst.

The Gazette goes on to say, "What’s not debatable is DelMonte’s narrow vision for representing the 138th district. Too much of the time, her sights are trained only on Niagara Falls. Read her campaign literature, listen when she lists the most significant things going on in her district. Falls, Falls, Falls. Man, it does get monotonous." The entire Gazette piece can be found here.

If you live in the Hartland, Newfane, Wilson, Cambria, Porter, Lewiston, Wheatfield and the Town of Niagara portions of DelMonte's district, you're just plain SOL.

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