March 17, 2009

Thompson An Embarrassment

While Buffalo News reporter Tom Prohaska does a decent job of covering politics in Niagara County, he has no future as a prognosticator of how the political winds will blow.

In a story he wrote on January 25, Prohaska indicated that because of the flip in the Senate majority, Antoine Thompson "is likely to emerge this year as a force in Niagara Falls", adding that Thompson "now is a serious player".

Obviously Prohaska never heard Thompson open his mouth. If we in Niagara County, and more specifically Niagara Falls, are now to rely on Antoine Thompson to be our advocate in Albany, we're screwed. This guy is a complete disaster.

From his standing up on the floor of the Senate last year to speak against a bill that he himself had sponsored to his most recent humiliation at the hands of WGRZ and WIVB, one is forced to wonder: Is this man the stupidest person on the planet?

In addition, Antoine Thompson cast the deciding vote on the legislation that swept $750 million from NYPA, dollars that are generated right here in Niagara County and are supposed to be used for economic development projects in the county. This is so offensive on so many levels.

Thompson has a long, long way to go in rehabbing his image. If I were contemplating a run against this guy in 2010, I would be collecting every idiotic interview he gives and every moronic vote he casts.

And by the way, whomever Thompson is relying on for political advice should be fired immediately.

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golisano4prez said...

He's god awful. Another African American gentleman should run against him cause thats the only person who would have a chance.