March 9, 2009

Should NCCC Ban Tobacco on Campus?

The NCCC Faculty Senate passed a resolution calling for a complete ban of tobacco products on campus. The recommendation has gone to the Board of Trustees who will have final say over this.

I have to admit that my own view on smoking has become much less tolerant over the years. I was an occasional "bar smoker' in my earlier years, enjoying one occasionally while have a few beers. So while it was never really my thing, the libertarian side of me said live and let live.

But through the years, I've begun to change. The health costs from smoking are huge. I enjoy leaving a tavern not smelling completely disgusting or eating dinner in restaurant where the aroma from the food is literally not smoked out.

But beyond all that, when I see a mom or dad puffing away in the family truckster and then some poor little kid strapped in their car seat inhaling the same crap, I realize that "live and let live" attitude really means non-smokers shouldn't be punished by those who can't kick the habit.

So, against that backdrop, I hope NCCC follows through and bans tobacco on campus. I feel a little guilty of promoting the big brotherism I so abhor, but when I have to walk over the dirty cigarette butts or cross through a cloud of smoke at the entrance to a building, I realize that their impinging on my rights.

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Paladin said...

Hobbes, tonight, when we visit our home humidor, we'll say a prayer that you see the error of your ways...