March 16, 2009

Senate Dems Plan To Raise Taxes

We've done several posts over the past 18 months about the Upstate/Downstate disconnect and the problems that may arise when one political party in the state controls the Senate, Assembly and the Governor's seat.

As if the current state budget mess isn't enough, the Senate Democrats, now in control of the Senate after 40 years of GOP control, are moving forward with their agenda of higher taxes.

Congratulations to any idiot west of Rockland that pulled the lever for a Democrat for Senate or Assembly. By putting them in control, you've allowed the New York City-based interests to get exactly what they want: Everything. You'll now get exactly what you deserve: Nothing.

The following is a story from the New York Times that details the Senate Dems plan.

Senate Democrats Pushing to Raise State Income Taxes

ALBANY — Democratic leaders in the State Senate will seek income tax increases on at least some affluent New Yorkers and a sales tax increase of a quarter of 1 percent to help balance the state budget, a Senate official with knowledge of the plans said in an interview over the weekend.

"The hole is too deep to dig ourselves out by cuts alone," said the Senate official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the details of the proposal were still being hammered out. "The debate now is over where to start."

The move by Senate Democrats, who have a slim majority, will significantly increase pressure on Gov. David A. Paterson, who has said he would consider raising income taxes only as a last resort and only after the Legislature had agreed to steep cuts in state spending.

Mr. Paterson’s original budget blueprint called for increased sales taxes on specific items, including theater tickets and non-diet soda, though he backed away from many of them last week.

Democratic lawmakers, who hold a majority in both houses of the Legislature, broadly support new income taxes on high earners.

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Paladin said...

"Senate Dems Plan to Raise Taxes" We believe that's what they call a "Dog Bites Man" story, Hobbes.