March 2, 2009

NY Post Cartoon

Odds are that you've seen some reference to the below cartoon that appeared in the New York Post on February 18. The political cartoon has been the subject of much debate. Many believe that it is racist in nature, that any comparison of Obama to a chimp must be racist. Conversely, there are many who believe that it is simply inferring that the stimulus bill is so moronic, that a monkey could have written it. We tend to agree with the latter.

Is it prudent to be cognizant of the feelings of other people? Absolutely. Our country has been marred by centuries of racism, and despite the fact that massive strides have been made, we all must be sensitive to the feelings of others.

That being said, there is a contradiction with those who believe that it is racist in nature. There has been a website in existence for years that compares George Bush to a chimp. The site openly states on the front page that "this is a little project I decided to start once I realized how much George W. Bush looks like a chimpanzee." And this is acceptable?

No one knows what the author of that cartoon was thinking. Many people have stated that the only ones who think that the cartoon is racist are the ones who are racist. I wouldn't go that far, but I also wouldn't immediately jump to the conclusion that the author is saying that Obama is a chimp. Personally, I believe that those who are so enraged by this cartoon are simply trying to deflect attention from the fact that the stimulus bill is a complete disaster.

Let's get focused on how we're going to pay for these trillions of dollars in new programs that will be plaguing us with debt for years to come.

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