March 26, 2009

Let Us Have A Voice, Albany

This legislation has recently been proposed in the New York State Senate. It is asking for our state elected officials to allow this issue to go to a referendum so the PEOPLE of this state can decide.

If any legislator decides that this issue is not worthy of allowing the people to have a voice, they don't deserve to be in office. At the end of the post, I have included the phone numbers of the entire WNY state delegation. Call your Senator and tell them to support bill number S.3526. We all complain about the injustices being brought upon us by Albany. Get up and make your voice heard or don't complain. Of course, Volker and Ranzenhofer are sponsors, so implicitly they'll be supporting their own bill, but call them anyway and let them know you support their efforts on 3526.

The bill does not appear to have a mirror in the Assembly yet, but we posted the phone numbers of our Assembly people as well. The following is language directly from the bill:


AN ACT to provide for a referendum on the question "Do you support the division of New York into two separate states?"; and providing for the repeal of such provisions upon expiration thereof

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

Section 1. At the request of the county legislature or other similar governing body of any county, there shall be submitted by the board of elections of such county to the voters of such county at a general election held on or before December 31, 2010 the following question: "Do you support the division of New York into two separate states?"

§ 2. Such question shall be submitted in the manner provided in the election law, and the provisions of such law, not inconsistent with this act, relating to the submission of and to the taking, counting and returning of the vote and canvassing the results upon a question submitted pursuant to law to the voters of the state shall apply to the question herein required to be submitted. The ballots shall be in such form as prescribed by such law. When a board of elections shall have completed its canvass of the results of the vote upon such question, it shall forthwith certify the results of the vote upon such question to the secretary of the senate and clerk of the assembly.

§ 3. This act shall take effect immediately and shall expire January 17 1, 2011 when upon such date the provisions of this act shall be deemed repealed.


Catharine Young - 372.4901
Bill Stachowski - 826-3344
Dale Volker - 656-8544
Antoine Thompson - 854-8705
Mike Ranzenhofer - 631-8695
George Maziarz - 731-8740


Steve Hawley - 585-589-5780
Robin Schimminger - 873-2540
Francine DelMonte - 282-6062
Crystal Peoples - 897-9714
Jane Corwin - 839-4691
Sam Hoyt - 885-9630
Dennis Gabryszak - 686-0080
Joe Giglio - 373-7103
Jim Hayes - 634-1895
Mark Schroeder - 826-0152
Jack Quinn - 826-1878

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