March 31, 2009

DelMonte's Bizarre Behavior Baffles

As if New York State Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte's antics of late aren't bad enough, her latest display of odd behavior recently left attendees at a Lewiston Democratic Committee Brunch stunned.

A reader of Niagara Times shared with us the embarrassing display: While addressing the group, DelMonte held up a pair of slippers in one hand, and a picture of Paychex & Responsible New York founder Tom Golisano in the other and stated that Golisano is as slippery as the slippers. HUH? This is so bizarre on so many levels, one really has to wonder what makes this woman tick.

Now, it's bad enough that DelMonte is saying "go screw yourselves" to the people who live in the towns of Lewiston, Porter, Cambria, Niagara, Wheatfield, Wilson, Newfane and Hartland by taking away their share of the casino revenue (which IS in the state budget and will occur).

DelMonte has now chosen to publicly humiliate herself by attempting to denigrate a man who just cut a check for $10 million to Niagara University, which is in DelMonte's Assembly district!!! Is there a staff psychologist on hand in the LOB, because someone in 553 needs deep, intense analysis.

Not that Golisano would be as vindictive as me, but if I were him I would call Joseph Levesque, the President of NU, and tell him that the money is off the table. You want to play hardball, I'll show you hardball like you've never seen, sweetheart.

We're not done with you yet, Fran. We're waiting for Wednesday to see how you vote on the Rockefeller Drug Laws changes. We know how you've voted before, we're just waiting for your flipflop.

Meanwhile, do you best to keep your mouth shut. It seems every time you open it these days, your foot is more than willing to fill your gaping pie hole.


Barney said...

I'm really surprised that the Rockefeller Drug Laws changes were included in the budget. No debate on the subject just does what Shelly wants! Empty the jails - let the thugs back on the street, they will vote democratic!

Also, the Casio monies are just "payback" for Delmonte - she voted for the 550 million sweeps, she get a million dollar in kickback.

Prediction, she will be going after the Casio monies that are currently allotted to NF Memorial Hospital, NF schools and the NTCC next.

The GOP is partly to blame for this – we should have campaigned harder last fall – we gave her a pass.

This will not happen again Francine.

John Restaino said...

DelMonte is right about Golisano...he is a PAC!! A special interest, on the interest is himself.