March 19, 2009

DelMonte, Thompson Should Resign

State Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte represents the city of Niagara Falls and the towns of Lewiston, Porter, Cambria, Niagara, Wheatfield, Wilson, Newfane, and Hartland. So why is she only concerned about one part of her district? DelMonte, along with State Senator Antoine Thompson, is looking to change the distribution of casino dollars, absconding every dollar that is devoted to projects outside of Niagara Falls, to fix roads in the city.

Union Sun & Journal writer ( I won't use the word journalist because it doesn't apply) Mark Scheer, who wouldn't know the meaning of the word "objectivity" if it bit him in the ass, makes the assertion in his distorted version of events that the county has received about $977,000 in casino cash, with roughly $124,000 having been doled out.

What Scheer neglects to tell you is that the city of Niagara Falls has received over $50,000,000 in casino revenue to date. Yes, that's 50 million dollars. So despite the fact that the city has received this massive influx of cash, they've been unable to make a dent in their crumbling infrastructure.

Francine DelMonte's solution is to steal the county's share, the 1/50th of what the city has received, and give it to the city. Dollars that have been allocated to organizations such as the United Way of Niagara, the Niagara Military Affairs Council, Community Missions of the Niagara Frontier, the Historic Palace Theatre in Lockport and the Das Haus museum in Bergholz, as well as various community events, including Canal Fest in the Tonawandas, a barbecue contest held by the Eagles Club in Wheatfield, Youngstown’s “Save Field Days” event and several festivals in the Town of Lewiston.

It's not difficult to discern that a number of the groups that have received these dollars are in DelMonte's district. And she wants to take that away and give it to a city that has little hope of recovery. Nice. If anyone outside of Niagara Falls ever pulls the lever for Francine DelMonte again, they need a lobotomy.

This is once again nothing more than a money grab by DelMonte and Thompson. We as a community should not tolerate it for one second longer. If DelMonte does not want to represent all of her district, she should simply resign and turn the seat over to someone who actually gives a damn about Lewiston, Porter, Cambria, Niagara, Wheatfield, Wilson, Newfane, and Hartland. Any other outcome is a disservice to the residents of those communities.

And take Inept Antoine with you before he stands up on the floor again to speak against a bill that he sponsored.


Barney said...

I am calling for an audit of Niagara Falls by New York State Attorney General - I would like to know where the 50 million dollars been spent? I believe that they are in need of a control board.
Also, where is Jason J Murgia or Jason J. Cafarella on this? They have utilized these monies to the benefit to smaller projects within the City of Niagara Falls, what is their position?
Also, I think we are missing the bigger issue here and playing in to Delmonte and Antoine hands. We should be working together as a community to send less casino money to the State of NY. Someone can look up that figure but I believe it’s a bigger share than the City is receiving. What Delmonte and Antoine are doing is stealing from “Peter to pay Paul” – pitting Niagara County neighborhoods against one another instead of united them to bring real benefit to our community.
The gazette is a joke and rick will be looking for work soon.

David Desmarais said...

I agree with Barney. It's time for the Attorney General to step in. Roads in Niagara Falls are inpassable and this Mayor is calling for a high speed rail facility and the "experience center to be built" Is that really the priority ? Really?? a rail to what a city that is dead ?? to what unsafe streets ?? A couple of things need to happen here. First a real effort to fix the streets. Second, lets make this a business freindly city again. Third, lets get a mayor, and other elected officials who are actively seeking solutions and not looking toward their next political job. Fourth, the casina was to be allocated for economic development. Not the electeds personal cash to spread as they see fit. Love and need the non-profits but arent we just perpetuating and enabling the current problems we have by pouring money into these programs ? Time to man up people, take responsibility.