March 23, 2009

Casino Revenue Debate Spurs Virtuoso Hypocrisy

Enjoying a quiet moment to myself this morning, I openly laughed out loud while reading a story in the Buffalo News about the distribution of casino revenues. The story, which focuses on the introduction of a bill into the State Legislature that would re-allocate the county’s share of casino cash to Niagara Falls, has several quotes from various elected officials.

What drew open chuckles was the idiocy that flows from the mouth of County Legislator Dennis Virtuoso when he thinks he's being clever.

State Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte, whom as we stated last week has forgotten that she represents towns other than Niagara Falls, reinforced our opinion by sponsoring this legislation. She stated that she is doing so because "the county’s never developed a policy [on how to spend the money] that I believe is consistent with the law."

DelMonte claims that the county has not used the casino proceeds in accordance with the 2004 law that says that the local casino share is supposed to be used for "economic development, including but not limited to marketing, tourism and development, to facilitate private investment and private sector job creation".

Virtuoso agreed, saying, "there should have been a policy in the first place". County allocations have included the support of different projects and festivals, obviously drawing the ire of DelMonte and Virtuoso, as they claim that the projects don't qualify under their interpretation of economic development. Virtuoso added "I would say a lot of it is questionable".

Virtuoso apparently assumed that no one would remember that he sought some of those "economic development funds", to the tune of $10,000, toward a new monument in Niagara Falls. I'm thinking that a monument is not a big economic stimulus.

It truly is amazing that people, such as Virtusoso, will sell their soul to make a point. He has the audacity to question and criticize the actions of his colleagues, while he himself is doing the exact same thing.

On second thought, this isn't worth a laugh. It's just too pathetic.

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