February 20, 2009

"Subsidizing Loser's Mortgages"

This comes to us courtesy of our friends at Monroe Rising. In this video, CNBC’s Rick Santelli calls out the federal government's plan to reward those who bought too much house while those of us who've been responsible get screwed. Again. What is the message Obama and Congress are sending? Work hard, pay your bills on time, and you will be penalized by having your hard-earned money reward those who wallow in irresponsibility and have a total disdain for those who play by the rules. Goddamn disgraceful.

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John Restaino said...

You know what is goddam disgraceful?? Your ranting. People who lost there jobs due to the economic chaos (thanks to spend and no revenue economics..see George W) are not irresponsible. How is it there fault?? Instead of going after the irresponsible people..how about the irresponsible lenders?? hmmmm