February 17, 2009

The NYPA Chronicles

So the New York Power Authority, which said it could only do so much (or really so little) for our community during the re-licensing process suddenly is more than happy to voluntarily turn over $750 million to the Paterson Administration to help fund more state spending. Great.

Our most precious resource is being sent to the great black hole in Albany and once again WNY'ers are being told to sit quietly and take it. We'll, WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

But rather than rail against Paterson and downstate and Albany and blah, blah, blah, we are going to point our poison pen right at NYPA.

You see, we get lots and lots of emails from whistle blowers, union friends, community activists and others about what goes on inside the Lewiston plant and how NYPA leaders, the local HR director (this guys seems to be a real piece of work) and others just turn a blind eye to it.

We also know that local media people across WNY are regular readers of this site. So we are going to start to print some of the more outrageous things that have been sent to us and let the local media go digging for the truth.

Take this one rumor floating around: The old ice boom was made out of all cedar wood. One day it suddenly walked away from the plant. NYPA had a pretty good idea who took it but rather than prosecute the theft, they let it be known that the boom could be returned, no questions asked. How nice of them.

So, miraculously, the boom walked it's way back to NYPA, except it was missing one of its cedar logs. And what became of this particular log? Well, rumor has it that it is can be found in Lewiston as the new dock for a NYPA employee who has since retired. Nice, real nice.

And trust me, while the story above might seem like small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, I know it will send shock waves from Lewiston to Albany to White Plains because it shows we have good sources and NYPA folks know this is just the beginning. Wait 'til we get to their security, their process for emergency management, race relations, protecting children at their community events and so much more.

Hang on folks, this is going to be a fun ride.


rob clark said...

This I can't wait to see.

Mr. Pink said...

Hobbes, it amazes me that people open up to you the way they do. Thank you for continuing to provide a venue where we can get the real scoop of what's going on out there.

Can't wait to see what you have in store.

NY Conservative Campaigns said...

Here is the site for all of the NYPA Inside Scoop....The whole scoop and nothing but the whole scoop.....Great read on The Richie Kessel NYPA Watch....written by George J. Marlin.....


Mr. Pink said...

I visited the site mentioned above...it's a pretty good read. Now, you can understand why people complain about the "shadow government" of NY's authorities.