February 9, 2009

Niagara Bills? Idiocy In Action

When a friend emailed me about Niagara County Legislator Jason Cafarella's resolution to formally support relocating of the Buffalo Bills to Niagara County should the team leave Orchard Park, my email response was "that has to be the most moronic piece of legislation I've ever seen out of the Legislature". Is this really what you've been reduced to, Jason?

The Buffalo Bills will NEVER move to Niagara County. But, for fun let's play along. First off, where will the team play? I know there are some pretty decent stadiums in the county, but I don't think any of them can accommodate 70,000 people. And if there are any that can, I don't think there are any with luxury suites. So let's build a stadium! To give us an idea of the cost, we'll use Dallas. The Cowboys new stadium, which will open next year, will cost about $1.3 billion. Yes, that would be billion. Based on our tax rate, if each $650,000 equates to a 1% increase in the tax levy, taxes in Niagara County would go up about 2,000 times the current amount we pay just to fund just the stadium. Not a good starting point.

That stadium expense would be on top of the nearly $1 billion it will cost the new owner to buy the team from Ralph Wilson's heirs.

Erie County is on the hook for about $8 million per year to the Bills for expenses such as stadium renovations, so with a new stadium, we wouldn't have that expense, so there's a savings.

Seriously, this is such a ludicrous idea, I'm already sick of it. Stop with the bullshit feel-good resolutions and propose something substantive. If you can't think of anything, get the hell out.


Barney said...

And the press eats it up.

I hear he going to make the Niagara Bills the centerpiece for his campaign.

Consolidation in the Niagara Falls seats can't come soon enough.

John Restaino said...

Toronto owns the Buffalo Bills; this is stupid!!

rob clark said...

I'm betting if a GOP member thought of this it would be okay.

Paladin said...

We go on vacation for a few days, and this is waiting for us when we get back.

Our first reaction was that it was some sort of joke. But April Fools' Day is still seven weeks away.

Except, apparently, in the 3rd legislative district. There, EVERY day is April Fool's Day.

What a horrible, deranged joke.

Jerry Moss said...

Maybe we need to think this through.
Perhaps if the Seneca's bought the Bills...And how much land is available on the LOOW site for a new stadium?

Barney said...


Jason did not think of this - some teeshirt vendor in Williamsvile did. He just looking for some press. I think this is only his second resolution or somthing. Really serving his community well.

rob clark said...

T shirt vendor. Thats kinda funny

Barney said...


This is not a laughing matter.

Mr. Cafarella lives in one most problem ridden district in Niagara County and why he opted to focus his energies on such nonsense really escapes me.

I think the voters of Niagara Falls deserve better and it’s a really tragic that the half-witt media actual cover this Manure. I guess we can expect more the same from Jason.

lido said...

rob clark said...
"I'm betting if a GOP member thought of this it would be okay."

I'm betting if a GOP member thought of it, he'd have actually done his homework before bringing it forward. Cafarella is being made out to be completely incompetent over a resolution that was designed to be nothing more than a feel-good resolution. How pathetic.