February 10, 2009

Hiram "Ginsu" Monserrate Still In Office

Odds are that you haven't heard of an individual by the name of Hiram Monserrate. This is not surprising since a search of all three of the Greater Niagara Newspapers shows no such name in their archives.

So who is Hiram Monserrate? Monserrate is a guy from Queens (that would be in NYC for those who are geographically challenged) who was arrested in December on second degree felony assault charges after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend in the face with a broken glass (her facial injuries required 20 stitches). He is also a former 12-year police veteran. Oh, and by the way, he was elected to serve in the New York State Senate in November. And he's still serving in the Senate.

The new Majority Leader of the Senate, Malcolm Smith, has not said a word about Monserrate. He has not censured him, he has not taken away any of his committee assignments and he hasn't even suggested that Monserrate should stay away until after his case is adjudicated. Why? Because Monserrate was part of the Gang of Three that we heard about after the election, the group of renegade Senators that threatened to create their own caucus unless Smith caved into their concessions. Allowing the Gang of Three to create their own alliance would have kept the GOP in the majority, so Smith sold his soul to the Gang of Three to gain his majority. This is the scenario that screwed long-time Buffalo Senator Bill Stachowski out of his rightfully-due chairmanship of the very powerful Finance Committee.

But taking the politics out of the equation, how the hell can this guy continue to hold office? Not one Democratic Senator has said a word about this situation. HE SLICED HIS GIRLFRIEND'S FACE WITH A BROKEN BOTTLE, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!!!!. Not one of his Dem colleagues has the sack to stand up and tell this guy to stay the hell out of the chambers until his case is settled? Not one of these "men" has a mother or a sister or a daughter that they can stand up for?

And where the hell is NOW? This organization's soul existence is to advocate for women's rights. They have also been disgustingly silent on this issue.

Personally, I find women abusers the lowest form of scum, right next to child molesters. This guy, if found guilty, needs to rot in prison. Better yet, give me five minutes with him. I have a feeling that we could have a very "productive" interaction.

Of course, that scenario will likely never present itself. But it's not too late for Malcolm Smith, he who refused to enter a Niagara County Democratic Party fundraiser because of allegations of male on female abuse, to do the right thing. Smith, who on the now famous Youtube video of the county Dems fundraising fiasco said that he is a believer in acting in the best interest of women, has proven no better than Monserrate by allowing him to sit in the Senate chamber and in his caucus.

In fact, let's show that youtube video. At about the 4:45 mark, Smith feeds his line of bullshit about caring about women, stopping the abuse, etc. It picks up again at about the 6:20 mark. At the 7:50 mark, Smith says "it's easy to do the right thing". Obviously when your fragile majority is on the line, it's not that easy.

When you've sold the sanctity of protecting women for the protection of your majority, Malcolm, you've already lost.


Barney said...

I can't speak to what he done lately.

But at least least Mr. Smith did not cross the picket line of women and children demonstrators.

Rob Clark, Lewiston Supervisor Fred Newlin and Lewiston Board member Sean Edwards had no problem plowing their way through the citizens.

rob clark said...

The picket line that was full of people who weren't there for womens rights. They were there for politcal reasons. So were the two kids that the county GOP sent down there to take the video. They are the same two who followed me around a public building acouple of days later. And then tried to hide at the board of elections when I saw them after.

lido said...

Is there ANY doubt that if this piece of shit was a Republican that we'd have read about this over and over in the local rags, that there'd be editorial after editorial calling for his resignation, that Malcolm Smith would be called out for failing to lead?

Barney said...

Well at least you marched right through the crowd Rob - no taking the side door like your boss.

rob clark said...

Why hide Barney. If there were any women there to actually protest they should have tried better to control the loud mouth that ruined it for them.

lido said...

I think the point wasn't so much that you walked through the crowd, Rob. It's that the little bitch Dan Rivera snaked in through the side door like the little coward that he is.