February 20, 2009

Enough Already

We've already gone on the record as against Niagara Falls Legislator Jason Cafarella’s ill-thought-out attempt to grab headlines by sponsoring a resolution to move the Buffalo Bills to Niagara County.

We thought this bad idea had died a few nights ago when the Niagara County Legislature’s economic development committee effectively spiked it in their collective end zone.

We were wrong.

Channel-surfing earlier this week, we found ourselves mesmerized by the corpulent visage of Glenn Fitzgerald, planted on Tammie Lee Demler’s couch on Channel 20. We’re used to Tammie Lee interviewing an assortment of community people for accomplishments great and small, and occasionally inane. But what was spilling out of Fitzgerald’s pie-hole astonished us.

You see, the brains behind “niagarabills.com,” little more than a front for selling T-shirts emblazoned with the logo for a team that never was, and definitely never will be, kept referring to his foray before the Leg as some sort of serious endeavor, even speaking for our county’s legislators, as if he knew their minds.

Of course, the only one this is even remotely true of is Cafarella, the author of the resolution that helped put Fitzgerald’s quixotic quest on the map, and no doubt is helping with his website’s T-shirt sales enormously.

And there was Fitzgerald talking as if he is now a partner of the Legislature, explaining their views on Niagara County’s relationship with our neighbor, Erie County. The best moment, though, was when Fitzgerald fumbled listlessly when Tammie Lee asked him where, exactly, he proposed building a new stadium for the Bills.

We’d laugh about this comedy of errors if it wasn’t really a tragedy. There are people in Niagara Falls’ 3rd district who placed their hope in Cafarella, that he would be a serious member of their county’s government, and that he would help improve their city’s condition, and its reputation.

Instead, he’s wasting his time, the legislature’s, and his constituent's, pimping for a bloated T-shirt pitchman.

This ridiculous premise has already gone on far too long. This isn’t a well-thought-out plan. This was just a moronic attempt by Fitzgerald to grab headlines, get on TV, and sell T-shirts, which the very green, very inexperienced Cafarella was all too willing to assist him in doing.


Courtney said...

At least that guy is trying to keep the Bills here. You'll be one of the crybabies lining up when they leave. He said on the show that he's not making enough money to offset the website.

Pirate's Code said...

And what, exactly, is he doing to try to keep the Bills here?

Does he have a billion dollars lined up to construct a stadium? Does he have some insider knowledge as to who might be interested in acquiring the Bills from the Wilson family, assuming the Wilson family wants to unload it once ol' Ralph goes to the great luxury box in the sky?

If the legislature wants to somehow get involved if and when there is something tangible to get involved with...fine.

But now? It's just grandstanding.