February 23, 2009

Davis Making The Switch?

Back on February 6, we did a post detailing, among other things, a divide that has arisen within the Niagara County Democratic Party due to party boss Dan Rivera sicking the District Attorney on one of Jack Davis' supporters after his most recent Congressional run. Rivera had wanted the D.A. to investigate allegations of petition fraud.

We went on to state that Davis, one of the single largest financial supporters of the county Dems, was so infuriated with Rivera that he would no longer support the party financially. Remember that Davis gave the county Dems the hefty sum of $30,000 in 2007. In fact, we speculated that Davis would not only cease his financial support of the county party, that he may in fact re-allocate his hefty campaign contributions to the county GOP.

It appears that this scenario is much closer to reality than we would have imagined.

The Niagara County Republican Party held a fundraiser this past Thursday at Antonio's, and sources have told us that Jack Davis attended the event. If this is indeed true, this does not bode well for the county Dems. Davis has a boatload of cash and has shown that he is not afraid to spend it supporting political parties and candidates.

It appears that Rivera, because of his own personal battles, is once again putting Democratic candidates in the position of entering the campaign season without the backing of a major financial supporter.

Is it any wonder that Rivera is often referred to the Niagara County GOP's best ally?

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Pirate's Code said...

Any chance Davis will just leave his money and otherwise go away? The man is a walking definition of crackpot.