February 4, 2009

The Biggest Losers

I must admit, I watch a plethora of reality shows on TV. It's not that I planned it, but each night, I play around on my laptop while my wife controls the remote. I'm not complaining, this scenario actually gives me the opportunity to watch certain shows without actually taking ownership of the fact that I watch certain shows. In essence, I just blame her when a friend calls and Top Chef is on in the background.

They all have their hook, whether it be Amazing Race, The Bachelor (and you chuckle at me for watching a show with 20 hot ladies and one guy?) or Project Runway (they're MODELS!). One that I find quite inspirational is The Biggest Loser. If you haven't seen it, teams of two obscenely obese people compete against other teams of two obscenely obese people to see how much weight they can lose each week. If you don't cut the fat, you can be voted off by other contestants. I actually think of these 400+ pound people working their massively over-sized hearts when I'm running on the treadmill. I figure, if they can do it, well then so can I, dammit!

So last night, while watching The Biggest Loser with a bag of Lay's, a glass of Squirt and a few Andes mints, I was very inspired. But the show ended, and I was forced to find something as enticing. For some God-awful reason, I stopped on channel 22, LCTV. Now, I rarely ever watch the county leg meetings anymore, but this time I was inexplicably drawn to it, like a moth to a flame.

Little did I know that I would be tuning in to see the evening's second installment of The Biggest Loser. Except this one was The Biggest Losers. And although this evening's contestants, Dan Rivera and Margie Swan, could certainly use a stint on the NBC version of The Biggest Loser, they get the evening's award based on an entirely different set of criteria.

Rivera, head of the Niagara County Democratic Committee, the same committee that has wallowed in failure, disarray and controversy every second of Rivera's tenure, had to be physically removed from the chambers because he was unable to avoid personal, libelous attacks towards a member of the legislature. When he was warned to stop, he continued on, raising his voice in a cowardly attempt to be heard above the chairman of the legislature. It's amazing that Rivera has the audacity to give ANYONE a lecture on character and ethics. Did you forget that you were fired from your place of employment for using confidential company resources to dig up dirt on a political enemy? What about the repeated charges of petition fraud within your committee under your watch? Moronic hypocrite.

Following the Rivera fiasco is MallowMar-gie Swan. She gets up to rail on the legislature for its hiring of County Manager Greg Lewis, repeatedly stating that Lewis was brought in to close Mt. View. This prompted the always cool Renae Kimble to rise to her feet and metaphorically bitch-slap Swan for her ridiculously inaccurate statements. Swan was so uncomfortable, she looked like she was going to vomit on the lectern. It was classic TV. I'm actually kinda looking forward to the replay. What the hell is wrong with me?


Barney said...

I guess that was the Niagara County Democratic Party’s 2009 campaign kickoff.

I’m hearing that the democratic chairman also came across as a “circus clown” Monday’s “John Restaino” show.

I really think he was a big distraction and a bit of a side show.

Unfortunately, he may have taken away from the more serious message of the state of the Niagara County economy and the strategic economical direction that was presented by Legislator Updegrove and Legislator McNulty.

I guess the average Niagara County citizen is really lucky that at least the Gazette decided to print the County’s press release.

Otherwise the public would only have the perception that the legislature is just embroiled in scandal and half backed ideas.

Speaking of which Jason Cafarella “fluffy” resolution that supports the ridicules notion from a marketing guy that just wants to sell his trinkets on the web was outrages.

Mr. Cafarella lives in one most problem ridden district in Niagara County and why he opted to focus his energies on such nonsense really escapes me.

Have you seen the “Niagara Bills” web site? At best, it’s a cheap tee-shirt shop.

I think the voters of Niagara Falls deserve better and it’s a really tragic that the half-witt media actual cover this Manure. I guess we can expect more the same from Jason.

lido said...

How dare you deface the Mallowmar, the (as Billy Crysyal said in When Harry Met Sally) greatest cookie ever invented by associating it with MallowMar-gie Swan? (That's actually a quite humorous use of language).

But seriously, I didn't see the meeting, so I can't really comment, but it sure sounds like Rivera made ass of himself, again. I know that's a shocking development (see Malcolm Smith flying to Niagara Cty to be screwed by Rivera's assaults).

But really, Hobbes, don't be ashamed of your TV choices. Lots of men are in tocuh with their feelings, just like you ;o).

rob clark said...

I just watched the Legislature meeting on dvr. I thought that Rivera's actions were not enough to have a Deputy escort him back to his seat. However I must note that I am not familiar with the rules of the Legislature . With that being said Mr. Ross stated that Rivera was in fault of rule 10. What is this rule?