January 5, 2009

Where Are The Parents?

Unfortunately, this seems to be becoming a rather common, albeit disturbing, refrain. Teens from rural areas in the county participating in disturbing and illegal behavior, allegedly. This time we have 14 young men and women - yes, men and women, not kids, not boys and girls, not adolescents, not children, not youngsters, but men and women, who have been charged with a plethora of offenses, mostly burglary-related crimes. Fortunately, this bunch, which is primarily from the Newfane area, has no criminal code of ethics. They all started ratting each other out as soon as their enterprise started to crumble.

The questions once again beg to be asked: where the hell are the parents of these menaces? Do they not have any idea what their darling little Bobby and Suzie are up to each night? Do they even care? More importantly, what life lessons are these parents teaching these punks that they believe it is acceptable to go out and steal the personal property of their neighbors? Oh yes Mrs. Pearce, you must be very proud of the two angels you've raised and unleashed upon our community.

We've said it before and we'll say it again - these crimes will be allowed to continue until someone in our weak judicial system has the courage to not plea or accept a plea for offenses such as these. If these individuals face a few years in jail, nothing will be a stronger deterrent to the next group of punks who think it's okay to steal and threaten.

Put 'em all in jail for a couple years and let mommy and daddy, if they even have parents, foot the bill for the societal costs their children have wrought upon us.

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