January 27, 2009

What Am I Missing on CWM?

While I will never be accused of being the greenest crayon in the crayon box, I believe I share the the majority viewpoint in this community that we do not want hazardous waste from other parts of New York State dumped in our county. That's an easy one.

But at the same time, I've become perplexed by the complete knee-jerk reaction of so-called environmental activists to anything put forth by CWM -- Amy Witroyl I'm looking in your direction.

CWM is looking at using the latest science for capping its current landfill. It has scientific backup that says this is safer for the community. As a result of the cap, the landfill would gain some extra capacity.

The extra capacity issue has been seized on by the usual suspects to rail against this new cap. I believe that's ridiculous. If you want to be against CWM's plans for a new landfill, have at it and I might join you.

But being against better science that actually provides better protection for our community is just plain stupid. It shows that some people are more interested in the politics of the CWM issue than doing what's right --- again, Amy, I'm looking at you.

We're going to stay on top of this CWM stuff going forward, calling out both sides. It's time that science rules the day on this issue.


Frank DeGeorge said...

I had the identical reaction to the CWM stories. I respect those who stand up and fight for our community but they are not doing that in this case. They clearly have a political agenda that they are driving which has nothinig to do with the issue at hand, which is whether this new cap is better than the old style.

Barney said...
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Barney said...

I’ve been following this issue as well. I’m not an expert on the science behind the cap so I can’t comment there.

However, I can tell you from what I'm hearing from my Lewiston friends that Amy Witroyl is “hell bent” on attacking any individual or any organization that she perceives to be against her mission of shutting down CWM.

I like you don’t believe that Niagara County should have the only chemical dump in the State of New York. And I believe that the technology exists to rid us of the obsolete landfill disposal method.

However, Amy Witroyl tactics are really over the top – here’s one example:

This past December during Lewiston’s annual Christmas Walk Festival, Amy Witroyl started an “Ad Hoc” protest on Center Street to oppose CWM sponsorship of the Christmas Carriage Horse driven carriage ride.

Just before the start of the Parade, she proceeds to instigate shouting matches with several of the festival’s organizers, elected officials and other bystanders.

She subjected a number of parents and children to her militant offbeat behavior.

Luckily, before things really got out of control, a nearby Lewiston Police officer asked her to “tone it down or leave”. She fled the scene only to return a short time later with a pile of protest flyers that she prompted distributed to any one that approached the horse driven carriage ride.

I'm sure she means well - but she is starting to come off as a nut job in the community.

Paladin said...

Wytriol sure has decided she's going to leave her mark on this community. But how long has she been here? And, if she's not happy with the place, why'd she move here?

Much like the sainted Lois Gibbs, there's much more there than meets the eye. Amy wants either power or money. Or both.

Maybe it's time she moves on to someplace more in keeping with her aesthetic tastes.

Frank DeGeorge said...

The real issue here is whether you want to follow the science and cap this landfill the righ way or play politics to further an agenda.

What I find despicable is that Witroyl has made it impossible for reasonable people to speak their minds at these public lynchings, I mean hearings. Drink her Kool Aid or pay the price.

Dark Knight said...

While I feel there might be another agenda at work on these posts and while I'm against the long-term expansion of the landfill, the hub bub around this issue seems crazy to me.

I suspect Fred Newlin is whipping the crazies into a frenzy so he can ride this issue into election season.

Sweaterman said...

This brings into light a bigger issue. Complainers or Protestors who are against anything have one thing in common. They do not provide solutions.

Amy Witryol wants CWM closed....fine..whats your solution....where are we going to take the stuff, etc. wtc.

3 minute crowd.

Edwina - You are against high property taxes...ok me to.....but what is your solution?? What is your idea??

My point is.....this...become a "productive member of society. Engage in social discourse but please provide solutions instead of blame. We will all be better because of it.

Barney said...

Something new on this subject - it turns out that Amy Witroyl is also spending a lot of her own money to accomplish her goals.

She not registered as a Albany lobbyist but she does “walk the walk”.

From what I understand, back in 2007, she paid for all their travel expenses for an Albany lobbying effort for several elected offices - including Supervisor Fred Newlin.

Ultimately, You may recall that then Governor Pataki vetoed the Maziarz/DelMonte bill that would have banned siting hazardous waste fills in locations with a potential to discharge into the Great Lakes System.

I’m sure Mr. Newlin and Ms. Witroly attentions were good, however I believe it is illegal for an elected official to except this kind of assistance from a private party for a lobbying effort.