January 21, 2009

Paterson Waffles

One really has to wonder where Governor David Paterson's head is at these days. He's proposed a horribly misguided budget, showed no leadership ability whatsoever once the Dems took over the State Senate and now has completely screwed up the selection of a successor to Hillary Clinton.

Just this week Paterson had said that he has a good idea of who he'll pick, but within 24 hours said, “I'm not totally sure who I'm going to appoint yet.”

Is Paterson playing games or is he that incapable of making a decision? Let me give you a little hint, Dave: no matter who you choose, you're going to piss someone off. Quit being a coward and make a selection.

Paterson is supposed to make a decision within the next couple of days. Meanwhile, everyone and their mother continue to lobby for the seat. While the slew of wannabes lobby to fill Hil's seat, critical work that should be done for the betterment of this state is being neglected.

With all of his misgivings, one thing that could never be said about Spitzer is that he wavered in his decision-making. Believe me, I don't want Client 9 back, but Paterson is making the Cowardly Lion look brave. Stop the bullsh*t and get on with the people's business. With the top ten highest taxed counties in the country all being in New York State, we can't afford anymore posturing.

Of course, maybe that's part of Paterson's strategy; if he distracts the people by drawing out this selection process, maybe they'll forget just how massive of a financial crisis we have on our hands. Nah, now I'm just being cynical.


Barney said...

He is over his head, out of his pay grade - he should consider stepping aside.

Enough is enough, I’m calling on the GOP to work to pass legislation that would enable “we the people” to recall the governor.

lido said...

I say Paterson takes a position with Obama after this fiasco with choosing Clinton's successor is over. That's why the delay, he's been negotiating his exit.

Paladin said...

C'mon Hobbes. You don't REALLY wonder where Paterson's head is, do you? I can draw you a chart, if need be... I believe the medical terminology is a "craniorectal inversion."

Still, I think Barney's on to something. A recall election would be a step forward. Even if Gary Coleman and Mary Carey were on the ballot...