January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

I remember when George Bush spent $42 million in private funds for his 2005 inauguration. What an outcry there was. Now, four years later, and in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, Barack Obama is going to spend $170 million for today's festivities. And no one is saying a work. Why? Because it's an historic event. It's simply amazing what the human mind can justify under the right circumstances.

Despite this, I'm looking forward to today. No, I didn't vote for Obama, but I know that when I wake up tomorrow, all of the world's ills will be cured. On January 21, say goodbye to world hunger. Adios to global conflict. The financial crisis that has gripped our country will simply disappear. My 401(k) will suddenly quadruple overnight.

The local economy, so heavily influenced by the auto industry, will see Ford, Chrysler and GM once again on top of the world. Our taxes will be slashed. None of us will have to pay for health insurance again.

Tongue-in-cheek aside, the notion that a man named Barack Hussein Obama could be president of this country on September 12, 2001 is as far fetched a notion as any ever conceived.

However, the policies that George Bush enacted kept our country safe and paved the way for Obama's ascension to the White House. You may have not liked how he got there, but there's no denying the results. If there had been another terrorist attack closer to 2008, there is no way that Obama wins. In fact, there is no way that he is even a viable candidate.

When Obama gives his acceptance speech today, he should not exclude the one person who held this country tight and kept it safe, allowing Obama to enjoy this "historic" day: George Bush.


Barney said...

I agree, expectations are extremely high.

A women caller was interviewed by a national radio program, she really hit this point home.

She stated that she was "relieved" because there would be no need to worry about health care, gasoline or even her mortgage.

I think she truly believes that the Federal Government should provide everyone with place to live, food, clothing and healthcare – because they are entitle to it.

The President should visit Niagara Falls, where more people “get” than “give”, is that really the direction we want to take the entire county?

Paladin said...

Not only have all the world's ills gone away since BHO took the oath of office, but I feel my bald spot filling back in!

The blind will see and the dead will walk. (I mean, more than just to the polls on election day.) Dogs will be cured of fleas.

And no one will have to pay their mortgage, but still keep their homes!

Oh...wait...that last one's real.