January 8, 2009

Gaughn Is A Snake Oil Salesman

I have long advocated for the downsizing of the Niagara County Legislature, but to be honest, the desire to see the county legislature shrink is due in part for my desire to see Dennis Virtuoso out of office. Virtuoso brings nothing tangible to the table, and repeatedly forgets that good or bad, he is part of the Leg. His problem is that when positive things happen, he uses the word "we"; when something negative hits, Dennis will repeatedly utter "they". Like I've said before, I'd never want to be in a foxhole with this guy. He sells his own team out every chance he gets.

What's interesting is that when the Leg reduces its numbers, Niagara Falls will be the area that gets slashed because of their shrinking population. They'll likely end up with two or possibly three, which means that Virtuoso or his buddy Renae Kimble will be gone, possibly both.

But as much as I long for the day when there are no more budget resolutions that are nothing more than political attacks and do nothing to manage county finances, I am left wondering why the voters of Niagara Falls are apathetic to this. For some unexplained reason, the Niagara Falls voters keep returning the same do-nothing Legislators to office. But it is their choice to do that and soon they won’t have a choice.

Nobody in Niagara Falls seems to be concerned that their collective voice will become smaller and, yes, they will have less representation. So be it.

But the Kevin Gaughan angle, for some reason, is to sell this as cost savings. Well, county legislators make $15,000 annually and have no staff or offices or expense accounts, but do have the opportunity to utilize health care. For argument sake, we will say each legislator costs $20,000. When there are three less legislators from Niagara Falls, the taxpayers will save $60,000, which is two ten-thousandths, or .00002 of the entire county budget of $300,000,000.

If you want to get rid of your legislators in the Falls, then do it, but don’t expect to save more than a fraction of a penny on your county tax bill.


Mr. Pink said...

By the Gaughan logic, we should just have one person making the decisons because that would be the cheapest way to go.

Gaughan is an elitist imperialist who believes only smart people like himself deserve a voice. He fashions himiself to be something of a WNY version of the Kennedy clan and we all know about the Kennedys believe they have entitlement to elective office.

Barney said...

I agree the County will not save any notable dollars when a reduction happens.

However, I don’t disagree with Gaughan strategy of reducing and simplifying government.

I think his work has led to more empowerment for the people of WNY.

We should also focus on legislation that would enable “we the People” to recall the no good elected officials as well.

joaninbuffalo said...

I'm with Barney. You're obviously being dramatic claiming "under Gaughan's logic" we'd be a dictatorship. I've been to several of Gaughan's presentations and the only message I get from it is stream-lined efficiency. We're over represented and that's the end of it... hence why we have more politicians per capita than ANY OTHER place in the whole country. That's disgusting to me. I can't wait to see the results of the 2010 census and see if the loss of another 150,000 people will be enough to change the minds of people similar to you, and maybe even yours. It's too expensive to live and do business here and people are leaving against their own volition. There are other cold cities in the US that aren't hemoraging people. We have to do everything we can, and this is included in that category.