January 16, 2009

Could Newlin Be Next to Have Wages Garnished?

The recent reporting about Ed Shoemaker's IRS tax problems and the demand from the IRS that Cambria and Somerset garnish the attorney's wages prompted an interesting email to us.

We have been told that Lewiston Town Supervisor Fred Newlin may also have some outstanding judgments against him. Seems that Newlin has defaulted on federal student loans and this issue has been outstanding for some time.

The little fact explains one of the great political mysteries talked about in many circles. Why would Newlin demand a 37 percent pay hike for himself in an election year when the national economy is crumbling and people are fed up? Some viewed it as political suicide and couldn't figure out Newlin's thinking.

Well now, perhaps we know. Maybe Fred is willing to take a political risk for more money because the federal government is bearing down on him because he stiffed them (and taxpayers) on student loans. After all, being a deadbeat is probably not the best qualification for office.

This will be an interesting story that we'll be following from now right through election day.


Frank DeGeorge said...

Amazing that people in the public spotlight like elected officials who know they are going to be under such scrutiny allow these things to happen.

Having said that, Hobbes, are you sure about this? How come the Shoemaker stuff was in the News but there hasn't been word one about this?

I hope there is some proof and you're just not running with rumors from Newlin's political foes. That would be unfair to Newlin and a pretty big shot to your credibility.

Barney said...

It's all a matter of public record - judgments are filed with the county.

I've seen this one too and now it makes more sense why Newlin would voted himself a raise just before election.

He really needs the money and instead of getting a job - he taking it from the tax payers.
Newlin has been working for years to turn the supervisor’s position into a full time job - he has double the salary since first being elected, and I'd imagine that the trend will continue as long as he keeps being elected.

He also raised taxes 24% through the special districts that are delivered on the County bill – most people are unaware of this because they hold mortgages that are in escrow.

From Lewiston said...

The towns have been burying their increases into the county tax rolls for years. Who is the scholar that figured this one out ?

From Lewiston said...

Also, let's see how much "press" Fred Newlin's $7000 judgement gets.