December 16, 2008

Source: Big Changes Coming to Sewer District

Fresh over its resounding court victory that clearly established that the Sewer District is just another county department, Niagara County leadership is poised to drastically overhaul the district governing board.

According to sources, the Legislature will NOT just simply whack all the town supervisors and replace them with county legislators as some had expected. Instead, a plan is under consideration that would establish a mix of supervisors, legislators, perhaps civic leaders on the board and make sure there is a mix of Republicans and Democrats.

As one person said to me, "we want to restructure and reform the district and bring some sunshine to their operations, not create a political war between the towns and county."

That being said, creating a mix on the sewer board would still mean that at least some of the current supervisors serving would get the boot, which may not sit well with any of them. Yet, if the supervisors howl too loudly, they could all ultimately get replaced.

One thing is certain: the court decision leaves the supervisors with very little leverage other than try to place nice.

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Frank DeGeorge said...

It's about time. Whether it's NYPA, the Thruway Authority, or locally the sewer district, I'm tired of all these quasi government agencies costing us money and hiding under the table any time anyone has the temerity to ask them a question.

Let's get rid of the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission next.