December 19, 2008

An Ode To Budget Woes

T’was the week before Christmas,
and all through the city;
All the creatures were stirring,
not with joy, but with pity.

He had taken his oath of office,
as Client 9 fell from grace;
He came with great fanfare,
like the man he’d replace.

But his status was short lived,
his esteem, it had ceased;
As the numbers were crunched,
when his budget was released.

There were no reforms,
few cuts to be made;
Loads of new taxes and fees,
and a boost to welfare aid.

He’s going to tax your cable TV,
he’s going to tax your new shoes;
If you want to get healthy,
he’ll tax your gym dues.

He wants to tax your smokes,
it’ll cost more to drive;
One really has to wonder,
if our state can survive.

His budget gives little hope,
to those who’d like to stay;
In fact it’s worse than that,
he’s driving us away.

So tonight, David,
when it's getting late;
Please turn out the light,
but not on our state.

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