December 30, 2008

Lead On, McDope

I'm not one to over-dramatize, but for the sake of analogy, let's say I am a general. Periodically, it's my responsibility to lead my troops onto the battlefield. Unfortunately, I am not a great leader. I make questionable decisions, show a propensity for cowardice, and repeatedly place my troops in a no-win situation. Despite my failure as a general, my troops love me. They say that I am a "troops general". I'm not overly tough on my troops and I don't go out of my way to discipline them when they do not perform at an adequate level.

Let's take the analogy and translate it into something we can relate to, our beloved Buffalo Bills. Of course the general is Dick Jauron. Every aspect of our above general can be attributed to Jauron.

What I can't seem to comprehend is why being a "players coach" is enough. Why is it enough for Ralph Wilson to keep Jauron, and more perplexing, why is it enough for all of the players to love him?

If your coach leads you into a situation that is repeatedly untenable, why is that acceptable? Do you not WANT to win? Would you rather play for a coach that is likable than a coach that puts you in a position to win every week? I can't imagine that there is a Bills fan that does not despise Bill Belichick. But every single one of them would love to see Spygate wandering the sidelines at One Bills Drive. Why? It's not because he's a likable fella. The guy wins. Over and over again with different personnel and despite changing circumstances. No one will EVER say that about Jauron.

In August, I predicted that the Bills would go 6-10. An inspired effort against Denver cost me my prediction by one game. That's now nine years in a row of no playoffs. This year, I had the opportunity to go to five Bills games. I declined every one of them. It's not because I don't like them, I simply refuse to support a team that pretends to care about winning. If they don't care, why the hell should I? I work all week; I'm not giving up a Sunday with my family to watch an organization, from the top down, who could care less about putting a winning product on the field.

Marshawn Lynch spent Sunday's game in a suite because he strained a jheri curl or something. Instead of being on the sidelines helping/guiding/coaching Fred Jackson and Xavier Oman, he was hanging out with buddies in a box. He then reportedly left the game early. Probably to go run someone down on Chippewa.

What kind of message is that sending to the team, Marshawn? More importantly, where the hell is Dick Jauron? How on earth can he let Predator sit in a suite? Does he not comprehend the "team" concept? I can damn well promise you, if Jerome Bettis was injured and not playing, Bill Cowher would demand that he be on the sidelines with his teammates. Not Jauron. He simply doesn't get it.

This team, no, this organization is a complete disaster. Personally, after years of supporting them, I care no more. Leave town. Go to Toronto or L.A. or wherever your little hearts desire. Or, make a commitment to winning. Fire Jauron. Bring in Cowher or Parcells, or better yet, find the next Mike Tomlin. Otherwise, you can write me off forever.


Paladin said...

I hate to badmouth the Bills. I hate even more to agree with someone calling for them to leave town.

But I'm with ya, Hobbes.

Marv Levy, Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed...these guys knew how to win, and how to work for it. Yeah, no Super Bowl rings. But they went to the dance four times.

Dick Jauron is like Arthur Carlson, the inept station manager of WKRP: "And God as my witness, I thought JP could throw!"

rob clark said...

WKRP huh, well atleast the BILLS didn't drop live turkeys from a hellicopter. Its more than the coaching staff that is the problem here. Lets face it this team has had the same player need for a decade and they still haven't gotten the players they need to fill the holes!