December 5, 2008

Friday Ruminations

A word of advice to the Buffalo Sabres, go out and get Sean Avery. He is THE guy that you despise when he's on the other team, but love him when he's on yours. So he makes some bizarre remarks; it's better than being the most boring team in hockey.

I've taken my share of econ classes throughout my years. This masquerade of thousands of auto industry workers losing their jobs is ludicrous. The Big Three can file for "bankruptcy protection". This allows the companies to continue to produce while voiding those disgustingly overgenerous union contracts. I've seen no changes to the Big Three's business model that would entice me to support giving these people billions. So the union is giving up job banks. Woopdeefreakindoo. Bring your labor costs down to the $44/hour of Toyota in the U.S. from the current $70+. Otherwise, you'll be going the way of the dinosaur, and you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

As we've previously prognosticated, unions are already gearing up for the pending battle over the state fiscal budget for 2009-’10.

The Lockport School District, my school district, has been gouging taxpayers according to the results of an audit by the state comptroller's office. It's bad enough that they overtaxed the people of the community, but my biggest fear is what's going to be the union's reaction when they find out that the district has millions of extra dollars on hand. There is no doubt that they will be coming to the negotiating table with huge expectations. And Superintendent Terry Carbone needs to hire a PR specialist, because she is a disaster when it comes to dealing with the media.

Guv. David Paterson has named a panel of advisers to guide him through the Hillary replacement process. Shockingly, there isn't an Upstater among them.

Many of the local message boards are flooded with comments about NF cop Ryan Warme. If the allegations are true, I hope he gets what he gave 1,000 times over. He doesn't deserve the punishment that the average criminal would get. His violation of the public's trust requires that his punishment be significantly more severe. Personally, I say cut his nuts off, but that's just one person's opinion.

Have a nice weekend, enjoy the Toronto Bills.

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Barney said...

I was troubled by the news that Mr. Stachowski denied major Senate chair.

Why? Another wake up call for the region – this time we are seeing firsthand how the Manhattan Democratic Party bosses are willing to eat their own, especially if they live in Western New York.

I’d heard that back in September Mr. Stachowski was all over Erie County speaking to the benefits that his chair would bring to the region; maybe that put him over the top. But yet again our region is denied by the Manhattan “mind set” that the State of New York ends at Albany’s western border.

And how tragic is it to learn that Erie County Democratic Chairman Leonard R. Lenihan and Sen. William T. Stachowski don’t even have a clue.

Ask yourself this, do we really want leaders that are not “in the loop” to representing your interests? I thought that’s why the voter’s put Stachowski into office – vote for me I’ll be the chair Senate Finance Committee – NOT.

And you know what, I don’t fault Mr. Golisano and former Erie County Democratic Chairman G. Steven Pigeon. Because at least these two men have a plan and can execute – sign me up. Compare that to Humpty Dumpty Lenihan that could not even deliver on the Baby-Joe Mesi seat.

Wake up Western New York.