November 21, 2008

Town Supervisors Should Be Removed from Sewer District

So, the courts have ruled that the Niagara County Sewer district is essentially just another county department that falls under the control of county leadership and is not some quasi-independent fiefdom of town supervisors who have treated it as their own little playground for decades.

With that issue settled, I believe the County Legislature should immediately remove any town supervisor on the board who voted to pay Attorney Bob Roberson the $17K he ALLEGES...cough cough...that he is owed.

By rolling over for Roberson (who is partner with one of our favorites, Fast Eddie Shoemaker) these supervisors ignored their fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers in favor of old-fashioned cronyism. It's that plain and simple and they should be made to pay a price.

Remove them from the Sewer District today and send a message that Niagara County is serious about good government.


Frank DeGeorge said...

It's called public accountability and when you fail to meet your obligation you should be shown the door. It's garbage like this that makes our taxes so high.

rob clark said...
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rob clark said...

Wait Frank you meant the Legislature right?

rob clark said...

Frank I agree but the last time I checked the Town Supervisors were running there respected town’s alot better than the 19 lost souls in Lockport. The best part here is that the Supervisors are from both parties and for the most part get along with their boards and things get accomplished.

I will use my town as an example. The Town of Niagara Supervisor and I do not see "eye to eye" on alot of issues. But we have learned to look past the nonsense of government to make our town a better place.

Now what has the County Legislature done but govern by Caucuses that is controlled by a political party and a State Senator. They have created lots of patronage jobs, and raised our taxes to a point that we have a surplus that will be wasted on even more nonsense.

If you ask me maybe the Supervisors should be running the county again. Even mine.

Frank DeGeorge said...

So, since the County Manager puts together the county budget that has been supported by both sides of the aisle, can I assume you share my feeling that he should be fired?

rob clark said...

With out a doubt. Him and his ugly stained red sweatshirt.