November 11, 2008

Parochialism Strikes Again

"Niagara Falls always seems to pay everyone else’s bills, “ said Niagara Falls Councilman Sam Fruscione in a recent story related to the NTCC and the fact that Niagara Falls contributes the largest amount of bed tax revenue.

Here we go again with the small-minded, parochial thinking. This agency was created to consolidate two tourism agencies duplicating each others’ work and save the taxpayers money. Although there are serious questions regarding the leadership of John Percy, the NTCC has accomplished just that.

However, when the crybabies running Niagara Falls feel as though they are not getting every penny they “deserve”, they like to play the victim and accuse others of living off their money.

First and foremost, I have never heard a single elected official in Niagara Falls acknowledge the aid they receive: federal, state and county. We all contribute, folks. But even more obnoxious is the fact that you, the county taxpayer, pays to house, feed and clothe their criminals, the county taxpayer pays to defend their indigent criminals, the county taxpayer pays to prosecute their criminals, the county taxpayer pays the Medicaid bill for every Niagara Falls resident receiving this aid, and the county taxpayers pay for the safety net welfare benefits, in their entirety, for every welfare recipient denied federal assistance.

But most offensive of all is the fact that the City of Niagara Falls is now receiving almost $20 million a year in casino revenues while the rest of the county shares virtually nothing. And while the rest of the county taxpayers wait for that money to be used for its intended purpose, economic development projects that will ultimately benefit the entire region, we have yet to see a single job created.

Eventually, somebody will be smart enough in Niagara Falls to demand an accounting of casino revenues and blow a hole in the City budget large enough to drive a truck through.

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