November 21, 2008

Maziarz Backs Byron Brown

Ever wonder why George Maziarz is considered a political genius and is so well respected by both sides of the aisle? Because he's always out in front and isn't afraid to take chances. See below:

If Senator Hillary Clinton is named as the next U.S. Secretary of State by President-Elect Barack Obama, then Governor Paterson should elevate Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown to her Senate seat, according to New York State Senator George D. Maziarz.

"First and foremost, Governor Paterson has a moral obligation to pick someone from upstate for this key position," said Maziarz. "We must have someone in the hierarchy of New York’s political class who understands the unique and severe challenges that face our region and is committed to addressing them. I believe Mayor Byron Brown would be best suited for that role.

"When Mayor Brown was my colleague in the State Senate, he was always willing to work with anyone, regardless of political affiliation, to get the job done. We worked together on several projects important to Niagara Falls and I appreciate his intellect and his ability to problem solve.

"But more importantly, the Mayor has been working hard to turn around upstate New York’s largest city. He has done a tremendous job in advancing economic development projects important not only to Buffalo, but to the whole region – things like the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, waterfront development and, more recently – and perhaps most significantly, UB2020.
To advance these projects and so many others across upstate, we need federal assistance and who better to advocate for the right policies from the federal government in the U.S. Senate than someone who has been on the frontlines. That is Byron Brown."


Barney said...

I think ANYONE from WNY would be a much needed improvement... But I will bet you all a beer that it will not happen.

Mr. Pink said...

I agree with Barney. A few upstaters will have their names floated around an probably get an interview with the governor but in the end it will be more of the same...a traditional downstate dem.

John Restaino said...

Why hasn't any Democrat supported this???

rob clark said...

Higgins would be the better choice for the job.