November 17, 2008

Column As I See 'Em

Congrats to the Niagara County Leg for keeping spending under control. I don't know about you, but I could use a tax decrease. I just wish the school districts would follow suit. I know, I'm pissing in the wind.

The county's cost-saving measures will be fruitless when the lawsuit brought by a guy who was shot by a deputy is settled. The victim is facing no charges. Can you say "millions"?

Maybe the national GOP has taken heed of the results of the last two election cycles. They don't appear to be ready to bail out the auto industry. Many have said the Republicans need to get back to 'republican" values. Saying no to the bailout will certainly send that message.

Bills fans will be on display this evening as Buffalo hosts Cleveland on MNF. I'm not sure what the over/under is on arrests, but I'm going 35 (that includes game related DWIs, but most will come from idiot fans with beer muscles who start drinking just around the time this post goes up).

Whoever says that Buffalo is a dying city needs to take a ride on the 33 at rush hour.

Kudos to the Lockport Union Sun & Journal. All indications are that they are in fact literate, as two of their weekend editorials were directly inspired by Niagara Times posts. No need to cite us guys, we know who your inspiration is.

Sneak peeks of Black Friday are making their way around the Internet. So far I've seen nothing to indicate that retailers are slashing prices to encourage consumer spending. Saving $50 on a Garmin won't get anyone out of bed at 3a.m.

I know Blue is popular in WNY, but 50% of Labatt's U.S. sales are in Buffalo, Roch & Syracuse? That's stunning.

David Paterson is given credit in the local rag for being this "savior", but in reality, he's not proposing anything new. Among his planned "cuts": raising SUNY tuition and placing a "levy" on private health insurance plans. Nothing but a creative use of wording to cover up the use of the word "tax".

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Paladin said...

We were pleased by the NC legislature's forcing a budget with tax cuts as well, but found it curious that the Buffalo News article by Tom Prahaska only quoted Denny Virtuoso.

Isn't Virtuoso taking credit for the work of the legislature--especially when it's cutting taxes--like giving giving credit to Trent Edwards for yesterday's Giants victory?

Just asking.