November 3, 2008

Chris Lee For Congress

For the most part, we had planned to stay away from endorsing any candidates in this year's races, but we can't sit by and let the race for the 26th Congressional District seat go without interjecting.

Alice Kryzan won her Democratic primary against Jon Powers and Jack Davis because of one creatively produced commercial that took advantage of the testosterone-laced bickering between her two male counterparts. At no time did Kryzan articulate a position on any issues. But Kryzan, upon her victory, has completely and unabashedly become the antagonist that she so staunchly told to "take it somewhere else" in her previous ads.

Now, she may not have produced the attack ads on her opponent, Chris Lee, but she has not condemned them either. Lee, throughout the primary, had not stated a negative word about Alice Kryzan.

One of the most pervasive ads on behalf of Kryzan is the blatant misrepresentation of Lee employing people in China. This assertion is indicative of Kryzan's complete and utter lack of understanding of the global economy in which we live. From what we have learned, Lee's company made brake pads. Not for cars, but for major commercial machinery. His company, in their hopes of expanding in the global market, set up a manufacturing location in China. Not only is this NOT bad, it's the goal of every business in the WORLD that is looking to expand globally. Why? Because China is the most untapped market for goods and services in the world. With, what, 1.3 BILLION people, every company would savor the opportunity to tap this market. Not Alice Kryzan, because she has no comprehension whatsoever of what it is like to actually try to manage a successful business. (If I wanted to really get nasty, I'd talk about her law practice that failed and folded, but we won't go there.)

What Kryzan obviously is incapable of comprehending is that when a company expands its market, it becomes a stronger organization. Delphi is the perfect example. Because its U.S. operations suck so bad, it is only able to avoid bankruptcy because of the solvency of its international operations. By the way, if you think Delphi is an American company, you are delusional. They'd eliminate all U.S. production in a New York minute if they thought they could get away with it. That goes for all U.S. automobile manufacturers as well, but I digress.

As more "foreign" cars are made in America, in some cases more than "American" manufacturers, those staunch "buy American" folks always fall back on the claim of "yeah, but they take the profits back to their foreign country and invest it there". Really? So what if an American company sets up a manufacturing facility on foreign soil, would the same rule not apply? What if an American company sets up shop of foreign soil, expanding it's customer base, increasing profits, which leads to further investment in R&D, which leads to more jobs, etc, etc? Amazingly, Kryzan is trying to portray this as a bad thing.

I hope that my company goes out today and buys a subsidiary in another country. Why? Because I have enough business sense to know that if my employer is to compete in a global economy, we have to be GLOBAL. It's not rocket science, it's Business 101.

Kryzan has shown herself to be nothing more than a hypocrite who has little knowledge of issues other than those of a liberal trial attorney. We don't need anymore of those in Congress. Lee is a businessman who has successfully guided his company through the trials and tribulations that most growing organizations face.

Niagara Times proudly supports Chris Lee for Congress.

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