November 18, 2008

Casino Cash Accountability

An interesting story in the Niagara Gazette talked about how the $18 million is casino cash seems to be dwindling pretty quickly. Council members were shocked...yes learn there wasn't much left in the kitty.

Now, to be fair, Niagara Falls doesn't control all of the cash. The school district, Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, the NTCC, the NFTA (for the airport terminal) and Niagara County all get a scape. What bothers me is where is the public accountability for how this money is being spent?

I might be crazy, but I could have swore that part of the legislation required some sort of reporting back to the state on how the money was used and how that use is tied to economic development. Has anyone ever seen that report?

Isn't it fair to ask if casino money has been used for executive compensation at Memorial? Given the blistering state audit of the Niagara Falls school district, how about how the money was spent there?

Niagara Falls continues to just spend its money here and there with what appears to be little if any thought on how that money will actually produce jobs and economic growth. Mayor Dyster is not nearly the leader many thought he would be when elected a year ago.

So, does this report on use of the casino funds exist and if so, let's get a peek....then again, if you want to know where the casino cash is and prefer a visual aid, just go flush your toilet and all your questions will be answered.

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Richard Strongbridge, Ph.D said...

Money wasting in Niagara Falls.....I guess there is a first for everything...