November 4, 2008

Anything For Political Gain

Of course today is election day. As we stated yesterday, we hadn't planned to do much prognostication of today's results, other than the Lee/Kryzan race. Unfortunately that changed when, while driving to work this morning, I heard an interview that has me completely infuriated.

As most of us have most likely heard, three boys died in a tragic fire in Hartland last night. I cannot even begin to comprehend the depths of this loss to the family. May God look over them.

The problem is the interview on WLVL given by an individual by the name of Steve Wallace. Wallace stated the circumstances of the events with some detail. But then, inexplicably, he went on about Sheriff candidate Jim Voutour. Wallace stated essentially, "You should have seen Voutour out there (at the fire scene). The last thing on his mind was the election." Are you freakin kidding me? You are going to use the death of these three little boys to make a political statement? What kind of lowlife, piece of garbage are you?

To try to turn this tragedy into a political gain is without a doubt one of the most despicable and heinous acts I have ever seen in politics. Political races these days are filled with half-truths and misrepresentations. Unfortunately, we see more of this type of politicking than issue-oriented races. Media outlets were jammed with reports of attempts to mislead voters. But this is a new low. I literally am so enraged that I feel nauseous. I don't know who the hell this Steve Wallace is, but I hope I have the opportunity to cross paths with him.

When you die and are standing at the gates of Hell, Wallace, remember those three little boys whose deaths you diminished to mere political fodder.


rob clark said...

Hobbes, aren't you doing the same thing by talking about it. While I agree with your comments I would not have promoted the problem. On a personal note my heart goes out to the family on there tragic loss.

Rastamick61 said...

there's a time for everything and no time for some things -- i get your anger and i agree with you. prayers for those little guys and their loved ones as a father of four boys and two daughters my heart breaks for them all, peace.

Paladin said...

Speaking of WLVL, I had the distinct privilege of listening to Mr. Voutour's victory speech this morning on that station, where he made a bunch of vicious, snarling remarks attacking the Republicans and the police chiefs who supported Chief Palmer.

Hasn't he ever heard of magnanimity in victory?

What a tool.

lido said...

I heard that class. The hope that Voutour wouldn't be the vindictive asshole that Beilein was to NCSD employees that supported his opponent in the previous election is gone.