October 8, 2008

Third World Democracy

Think of all those years of Jimmy Carter flying around the world to ensure that emerging democratic countries held fair elections. Think of watching the news about some two-bit dictator who refused to leave even after he lost the vote. Remember when we used to say we're glad this isn't happening here.

First, this isn't another post about hanging chads in the 2000 election. This is about the state of American democracy right now and I'm afraid it's a pretty sad state.

The most galling has to be Mayor Bloomberg in New York City. I love the Mayor, think he's been amazing and would probably put a sign in my front lawn for him if he ever ran for governor. But the voters in the Big Apple have twice voted for term limits for the Mayor and Council. Bloomy is reaching the end and should ride off into the sunset.

But now Bloomberg thinks the limit should be extended by one term so he can run again and the main reason for this seems to be that only he...the Great Mike Bloomberg....can lead the city in this current state of fiscal demise. Now, when someone starts thinking they are only Moses to lead the faithful, I start thinking their ego may have run amok. It's the height of arrogance and Bloomberg is going to tarnish his image if he continues down this path.

Next, you get the Ohio Supreme Court ruling that people can register to vote AND then cast an absentee ballot on the same day in spite of the fact that the Ohio Constitution says you must be registered for 30 days before voting. Couple this with early voting in Ohio and the floodgates are open for massive voter fraud. ACORN, a lefty group already charged with voter fraud in other communities, is on the ground in Ohio.

Then, come back locally, to Democrat Senate candidate Kathy Konst apparently voting in the same election in both Florida and New York. Despite Konst's convoluted explanation, the evidence is pretty convincing. How can you run for office when you don't respect the integrity of the system?

I'm sure these little dramas are being played out in communities across the country from both sides of the aisle. It's depressing.

Just think of if this way: we supposedly live in a free market democracy. Well, thanks to Wall Street greed, the free market as we know it is dead for the immediate future. And now every election cycle there are more and more questions over the fairness of our elections?

It's starting to really feel that the great experiment known as America has crested and now like all great civilizations we are on march toward the history books.


Long2024 said...

Convoluted explanation? Spare us the BS. Voting in NY and FL on the same day is absurd. That's at least $500 in plane tickets in the days before cheap online fares. Why bother? She could have influenced the outcome a lot more by just giving that money to a candidate.

Mr. Pink said...

So you're saying she didn't do it? There was a grand conspiracy to make Kathy Konst appear as if she has voted in two places? Give me a break.

Maybe she did absentee in one and in person in the other.

Paladin said...

Kathy obviously thinks rules are "for the little people." The problem is, she'll be in charge of writing the rules if she manages to win.

Her lack of regard for the rules the rest of us live by should be warning enough of the type of "leader" she'll be. Just what New York needs--another pol with Hoyt/Cole ethics...

Barney said...

Why don't we talk about this

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