October 17, 2008

Silent Dispatch Debate Heats Up

We had planned to run our customary Friday Ruminations, until we saw the story in the Buffalo News today related to the use of "silent dispatch" by the Niagara County Sheriff's Department. As you may recall, we posted a detailed story earlier this week related to the practice and touched on the problems associated with the use of silent dispatch.

At the end of the post earlier this week, we stated that we had a seven page document written by a member of the New York State Police detailing the pratfalls of silent dispatch and we were deciding how to proceed next. After some of the mainstream media picked up our story and ran with it, we figured our role was done, and there was no need to post the document.

That changed when we read current Sheriff candidate James Voutour, a 15-year veteran of the Sheriff's Department, tell a bold-faced lie to the Buffalo News. The Buffalo News story states, "Voutour, chief deputy in the Sheriff’s Office, says the agency doesn’t engage in silent dispatching and that Palmer has manufactured the issue...", adding "“It’s ridiculous.”

Now, you may not know about the practice of silent dispatch, you might not like the practice, you might not condone the practice, you might not believe in the practice, but goddamit, do not stand there and tell me a god damn lie like I'm a complete idiot.

Voutour accuses candidate Ernest Palmer of "manufacturing" the issue. For the record, the numbers on each individual occurence on the report start with a date, all of which pre-date either of the current Sheriff candidates, virtually decimating the point of Palmer manufacturing the issue since neither of them were candidates when this was written. The document, minus identifying markings:
(Click each page to enlarge)


lido said...

This is just fascinating information. You talk about campaigns bringing out interesting info, this is absolutely at the top of the list. I don't know anyone who had any idea that this type of practice happens. This IS putting people's lives at risk. No wonder Voutour doesn't want it out to the public; his statement is VERY damaging to his campaign and his credibility as a law enforcement officer. A manufactured issue my ass.

"The Matador" said...

"NO QUALIFICATIONS" voutour, is nothing but a LIAR. The way he preaches he learned everything from beilein. I will inform the people of this blog. beilein is a LIAR TOO!!!!!! Thats why he lied to the Buffalo News about the silent dispatch. Unless the good people of this county vote for the non-liar "ERNIE PALMER", you can bet that the next four years or so the Sheriffs Department and the good people of this county will be living ONE BIG FAT LIE!!!

2rAloser said...

Typical Niagara County politics; Losers like you two trying to pass yourselves off as experts. Both candidates have good and bad points. This blogs is controlled by two losers and jackasses. Is this an extension of that yellow journalistic rag the Reporter? I am a firm advocate for free speech but you two and this blog should have your right to that revoked.

Paladin said...

Wow. 2raloser really is a class act. They want to take away Hobbes's freedom of speech because he or she is guilty of...what, exactly? Showing that Mr. Voutour has no credibility? Amazing.

Incidentally, you have to hand it to Sam Muscarella. Apparently, over the last month or so, the Sheriff's Office has found a new official spokesman. It seems that everything the N.C. Sheriff's Office does...Jimmy Voutour is their official mouthpiece.

Maybe he can continue in that role under Sheriff Palmer!

Barney said...

Is the Palmer Voutour debate still on track? This is somthing that should be discussed in detail.

Barney said...

2raloser, how can you ignore the evidence presented on this site – maybe you did not take the time to read the report? Its one thing to pull the company line but this is a matter of public safety.

Obviously Voutour actions speak louder than his words - I can't believe he was unaware of this.

"The Matador" said...

The debate is October 29th at 7p.m at the Niagara Falls Library..Have you heard the latest news.."No Qualifications" voutour is using his daughter as a voice in his campaign on public radio. See, here is the catch..voutour thinks by using his daughter..the people of this county will think he is a family man and will gain votes. But most people know that he is using this technique to ONLY HIDE THE REAL TRUTH THAT HE HAS NO QUALIFICATIONS. HE CERTAINLY CAN'T GO AROUND ON PUBLIC RADIO STATING HE HAS ALL THESE QUALIFICATIONS BECAUSE THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS HE HAS NONE. JUST IN CASE THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTY DON'T KNOW, ERNIE IS A FAMILY MAN AND ALSO HAS THE QUALIFICATIONS TO RUN THE NIAGARA COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT.

Barney said...

Thanks I will see you all there.

Thetruth@US said...

Voutour spanked Palmer!!!! Your BS issues you and this blog spew are as of today irrelevant!!! lido...the matador... and barney should all get jobs, stop masturbating and staking little kids while on the computer and get lives, oh and stop reading that yellow rag the NF Reporter.