October 1, 2008

Obama Pulling Huge Numbers Among Blacks

In the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, Barack Obama leads John McCain 95 percent to 2 percent among African Americans, a margin which, if it holds, would be a larger advantage than that achieved by any Democrat dating back to the first presidential network exit polls in 1972.

Ninety-five percent to two!! This is what is called reverse discrimination. Blacks are supporting Obama simply on the basis of his color. This is no secret and no one is trying to hide it. But God forbid that it was the other way around, God forbid that 95% of the white people were supporting McCain; there would be Hell on earth to pay. You'd have all of the black leaders out there decrying the white people and there racial biases. Farrakhan, Jackson, Sharpton, lead by Jeremiah Wright, the biggest racist of the group, would be leading the rallies against racism.

But the media won't touch it because they're cowards. I mean, when does it end? Why is it okay to have the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? Why is it okay to have the Black Entertainment Televsion network? Why is it okay to have a Miss Black America contest? Why is it okay to have the United Negro College Fund? Why do we observe Black History Month? Could you imagine if someone was to stage a Miss White America pageant? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There would absolutely be mass crucifixions of whites, lead by the aforementioned four racists.

There are hundreds of organizations in the United States that are organized by race-the black race. This video depicts many of them and the double standard associated with creating these organizations based on the color or one's skin.

For shits and giggles, I'm going to ask for an application to a dozen or so of the organizations in the video. I want to see if they ask what race the applicant is. Will I not be allowed to join based on my race? Wouldn't that be discrimination?

Some will come on here and say this post is racist. You're dead wrong. It's about equality. Blacks want to be treated equally, but are voting for Obama based on one rationale and one rationale only-the color of his skin. Blacks say they want to be treated equally, then create hundreds of organizations that accentuate the fact that they are different.

And Affirmative Action, let's not forget about that one. The single most destructive program ever developed to assist blacks has become the Scarlet Letter for blacks.

All the while the liberal media allows these injustices to permeate our society because they are too afraid to call it the way it is. What a damn shame.


Mr. Pink said...

I think you are absolutely wrong about this. For the first time, the African American community sees a viable candiadte from their community who is resonating across all segments of the community and has probably a better than 50/50 chance to win. Why wouldn't they get behind him?

It allows every African American parent to tell their children that indeed they can do whatever they want to do in this great country. It is a barrier being broke down and though I plan to support John McCain, I fully appreciate why Obama is pulling that vote.

Hobbes, you couldn't be more wrong here.

lido said...

He may or may not be wrong about the black population rallying around Obama, but everything else in the post is dead on. It is an absolute societal obomination that these organizations such as NAACP, BET, UNCF and all of the others are allowed to exist without question. If someone were start the White Entertainment Television, showing only programs tailored to the black community, there would be riots in the streets. You can't claim equality out of one side of your mouth then have every single one of your actions attempt to portray your uniqueness.

lido said...

Pardon me, meant to say "tailored to the white community".

Paladin said...

Hobbes, you couldn't be more right. There is something disturbing anytime people choose a candidate based on race--or any other attribute like gender, religious affiliation, etc.--that has nothing to do with making public policy. I think there was once a little man with a ridiculous moustache in Germany who rallied people to him because they were all part of the same race, too.

It's sick. And it's a shame to see in America in 2008.

John Restaino said...

Whoever the owner of this blog is has an open invitation to come on my show. From 10-11 am M-F WJJL AM 1440 @ Summit Mall. I would love to discuss your views. I also think the listening audience would find it interesting too. I think you should take ownership of these remarks.

Paladin said...

What's WJJL? Is that like a ham radio operator's call sign or something?

Clark Griswold said...

Absolutely dead on. We're not living in the 1800's with slavery or the early and mid-1900's with segregation. THE TIMES AND CULTURE ARE DIFFERENT. When is this sense of entitlement going to pass on? And amen to the analysis of those poll numbers as well. Many will be accussed of not voting for Obama just because of the color of his skin. Well, what about the ones who are voting FOR him SOLELY based on that fact??? Show me the difference.