October 24, 2008

Friday Ruminations

When will it be okay to say goodbye to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center CEO Joe Ruffalo? Can this guy be anymore of a disaster at the helm? After blaming everyone under the sun for his failures, who's left to blame? Fire him. Today.

When the Obama camp talks about "change you can believe in", I wonder if these are the changes they're referring to. This is quite a disturbing story out of Pittsburgh that involves an Obama supporter carving a "B" into his victim's face. UPDATE: It is being reported this afternoon that the victim made up the story.

Former Niagara Falls Mayor Vince Anello's days as a free man may be numbered as the FBI's investigation into government corruption appears to be focused on Anello. Vince is a heckuva nice guy, we wish him well in his possible legal battles. But if he's found guilty, justice must be served.

Lawyers for David Paterson's top administration aide Charles O'Byrne claimed Wednesday he failed to pay taxes for five years because he has "non-filer syndrome." It really is amazing how stupid these people must think we are.

A Buffalo News analysis shows that Senate candidate Joe Mesi received about $37,000 from individuals or groups who in one way or another have ties to organizations that support same-sex marriage rights. In June, during an interview on WBEN radio, Mesi said he opposed same-sex marriage. He's reaping the financial rewards of his flip-flop.

In what may be the most idiotic argument ever made on the floor of the county leg, two legislators stated that it's sexual discrimination to equalize the salaries of the county's four coroners. The coroner in the district that would have a salary reduction is currently vacant.

For a candidate that won her primary election on the heels of a commercial showing her disdain of her opponents continued sniping at each other, Alice Kryzan has certainly sunk to a new low. Not one of her ads says anything about her platform, just misleading attacks on Chris Lee. Alice, take it somewhere else.

Lastly, get out those snow brushes. The first large snowfall of season is likely to hit next week. In case you've forgotten how to drive in the snow, please find a refresher here.


Rastamick61 said...

Obama supporters carved a B in a person's face ? They represent Obama as much as the throat slicing videotape makers in fallujah represent Islam. Don't we all know better ?

rob clark said...

I heard on te news late friday that was a hoaxs by some nut in Ohio I think.

Barney said...

Regarding Joe Ruffalo, that what happens when you take a guy that worked in the kitchen and make him CEO - it's was his first job. He'll do better next time around - to bad NF.

WNYPoliticalJunky said...

The tone of the rumination on the 'attack' on a McCain supporter was disturbing even before it turned out to be a hoax. Rastamick is right on with the first comment here, and to somehow tie an incident like this (even if it is true) to an Obama slogan is really out of bounds. I mean, should we now wonder if this kind of thing - creating black boogeyman out of thin air and fabricating politically motivated cutting and sexual assault - is what McCain-style Mavericks do? Of course not.

WNYPoliticalJunky said...

By the way, It thoroughly enjoy this blog and the dialogue here. The only reason my comment is so critical is that you normally set a higher standard than this post, and I am sure you would call somebody else out in similar circumstances.

Hobbes said...

The moment we first heard rumblings that the attack was a hoax, we put an update on the post. We didn't wait for it to be confirmed, we addressed it.

Paladin said...

Hmmmm...even if that girl made it up, it looks like Hobbes' basic point stands.


A bunch of GOP campaign workers were attacked by mace-wielding Obamaists. Nice.

No doubt they were chanting "Yes we can" when they did it.

WNYPoliticalJunky said...

Hobbe's basic point being? That Obama's idea of change perpetuates violence? I would gladly acknowledge that people who support a variety of other people or causes can be crazy, but to tie the incident in with the campaign motto is misguided, no?

Paladin said...

Shoot, Junkie, I couldn't have said it better myself. Barry's idea of change involves taking away freedom--and that always involves violence.

Having watched this video, the thought of Obamistas committing violence for their messiah doesn't seem so far-fetched, now, does it?