October 16, 2008

Battle For Control Of State Senate

We like to think that we were the inspiration for columnist Tom Precious' recent story in the Buffalo News detailing the the potential impact of the Democrats winning the majority in the upcoming New York State Senate elections. After all, much of what Precious wrote about has been touched on this site several times over the past year. The article is a must read.

The fact of the matter is that the Dems getting control of the Senate, the Assembly and the Governor's seat is a nightmare in itself. But add in Tom DiNapoli, Andy Cuomo, Malcolm Smith, Tom Duane and the rest of the Democratic power base that is completely centered around New York City, and the GOP losing control of the Senate eliminates the necessary checks and balances and gives the NYC Dems absolute power. And what do we know about absolute power? It corrupts absolutely.

In case any of you have forgotten the immortal words of idiot State Senator Kevin Parker when attempting to defend his position as to why Upstate does not deserve any of New York Homeland Security dollars, please view the below video.

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Paladin said...

Hobbes, no matter how many times you post that vid, it never gets old! Thanks for reminding us all how arrogant the Downstate is.