September 30, 2008

VP Debate

I must admit, I'm looking forward to Thursday night. No, there's no football on. But there is a Vice-Presidential debate. Sarah Palin and Joe Biden will square off at 9PM at Washington University in St. Louis, MO in what is likely to be the most watched VP debate in history. While Palin stormed onto the scene weeks ago, she now has something to prove.

In a Sept. 7 Washington Post-ABC News poll, 58 percent of voters said they had a favorable impression of Palin, compared with 28 percent who said they held an unfavorable opinion. But in a Post-ABC poll two weeks later, positive impressions had dipped to 52 percent and negative views had climbed to 38 percent, as independent women shied away from her. Among such women, favorable views dropped from 65 percent to 43 percent.

Many of the naysayers say that a lack of knowledge on foreign policy and a deficiency of experience in true leadership positions will be a hindrance in the campaign for Palin. Or maybe they're talking about Obama. It's hard to tell because virtually the same arguments that are being made as to why Palin is not qualified apply to Obama. But he was a community organizer. Apparently that is a higher qualification than being a Governor, at least in some people's eyes.

Biden, who's known for his attack-dog personality, needs to be very careful Thursday night. If he comes across as being condescending to Palin, she is sure to be made out to be the victim. Either way, this will make for real reality TV.


John Restaino said...

Palin seems to have never even read a newspaper. Her comments with Couric were priceless. The "community organizer" is more knowledgable then the "govenor". It's not just foriegn affairs; Palin is a train wreck. She is currently complaining about a "gotcha" question from a voter!! It was a tough one too. "what is your thoughts about Pakistan"? GOTCHA!! What a joke

Paladin said...

Gov. Palin has thus far impressed me with both her wit and her strength of character. Mr. Obama, on the other hand, has proved himself little more than a stuffed shirt blowing noxious gasses.

Yeah, yeah, Barry, we get it. The "audacity of hope," "change we can believe in," yadda yadda. But, to borrow from an election long, long ago: Where's the beef?

Sorry, but you've yet to convince me you can do anything but spout platitudes.

Forget a Palin-Biden debate (she'll mop the floor with that pretentious jackass). Bring on Palin-Obama. She'd knock him back to Chicago.

John Restaino said...

Unfortunatly for Palin she can't spout anything. Where is Dan Quayle when you need him. I wonder if Sarah will bring her "witch doctor" with her?? or maybe Todd who wants Alaska to be its own nation?? Palin/McCain are not Patriots!! All most un-American is that Palin.

Mr. Pink said...

I thought the only un-American in all of this was Michelle Obama who wasn't proud to be an American until her husband came to save us all.

Paladin said...

Let me guess, John: Standard English isn't your first language, right?

John Restaino said...

No, paladin ...I am just a workin class American. Just like Gov. Palin.